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by charco
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Any one have any advise regarding Newsletter editing and mailing software.

I have a list built up and now wish to start communication, but am a little daunted by the choices. I started off with MailManager Pro but it seems that there is a problem with the website, (leading me to feel uncomfortable about the software).

Do the honourable members think that a service solution on a monthly basis is better than in-house software?
Which in-house software?
Which respectable emailing services?

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    I prefer to do my own mailings. Of course to do this you would need the following:
    1. The mailing software
    2. The mailing list
    3. A 'friendly' ISP

    The advantages for doing your own mailings, in my view, are much more compared to the commercial Email services. Firstly, it is cheaper. You also do your campaigns when you want to. Then you have complete control over the script and what to mail to whom.

    The mailing software I use has complete tracking ability, can handle millions of subscriptions, auto unsubscribe options and ability to handle HTML and text. It also has options for direct sending or through smtp.

    I use my own lists mainly but can purchase opt-in lists cheaply if I need to. I know most people also develop their lists but this can be considered spam.

    Finally, I use a dedicated ISP service that allows mass sending without filters. You will need to talk to your ISP to get a gateway and sometimes you may need to pay a minimal amount to other filters on the email sending chain.

    The best thing about using your own mailing software is complete control. You do the campaign when you want.
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