How do I get my site's been 3 days now?

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Hi guys,

Just wondering how can I expedite my site being's been 3 days. I've submitted to DIGG and also pinged it with a wp pingomator..still I just check and no index not even a page...

Can anyone tell me the best way to get index fast or is there a software to use to get the SE to notice my site?
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    It can take some sites months to be indexed, 3 days is nothing.

    Just worry about adding valuable content for the moment, get some backlinks (but not too many) and everything will click into place soon enough.
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    Write a few articles and a press release with a link to your website either in the content or the bio/company info box.

    Make sure your site has a sitemap and submit it to Google under "About Google".
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    Hi cyberskyfox,

    You can use Denise's tip here. Usually, my websites get indexed quickly when I submit a press release on the news sites. For some reason, search engines love press releases.


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    Create a facebook fanpage for your site, facebook is crawled everyday. Also create a facebook marketplace ad (free) with your links and share your link on your facebook profile. etc.. will help. Get a couple highr PR links like pr6 or higher will help. Add google analytics code to your site. Search your domain name on alexa and check whois for your domain name at a few whois sites. all these things will help you get indexed faster. Also submit to as many directories as you can try set a goal of like 20-30 directory submissions per day.
    Hope this helps.
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    I usually post my new websites on Craigslist. They usually get indexed within 2-3 days.
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    spellcheck... 'onlywire'

    Good site Gee, thanks for the info.
    I never think of the future, it comes soon enough.
    (Albert Einstein)
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      Originally Posted by Dital View Post

      spellcheck... 'onlywire'

      Good site Gee, thanks for the info.
      Haha whoops!
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    integrating adsense could also help out as the google bots are forced to visit your site!
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    As mentioned above, Digg it. Not a lot of people know this but Craigslist actually helps as well!

    As Google Caffine rolls out in the coming months you'll see a lot quicker indexing (like 2 days!)
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    If you've dugg it, digg it again. Submit a couple good articles to Ezine, and you should be indexed within the week or less.
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    Start building links to it, it will pop up there soon. Be patient.

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    Why not just put it in your signature here. There is no reason that a site can't get picked up in a couple of days. The critical thing is top get the content and backlinks to get the site actually ranking for some keywords that count

    Watch as some guy is Blogging for Cash, Me on Twitter

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    I agree. Throw up a craigslist ad or 2. It will work
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    Have patience Grasshopper if you build it they will come lol. Just be patient I am sure Google will stop in any day now along with Yahoo, and MSN.
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