I'm revealing the #1 reason why people don't make money online!

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I attend to a lot of internet marketing seminars and training because I always try to learn new stuff and I think I have figured out the unique difference between people who make money online and the one who don't.
There is only one difference between the guy who makes money online and the guy who doesn't. Here it is:

One is treating it as a business and the other one is treating it as a hobby.

When you treat this stuff as a hobby, you don't have the same hunger, you don't have the same focus, and you don't put the same pressure on yourself. It's a real business. When I'm in front of my computer, I work like I'd work in a real office. I work like someone was looking over my shoulder. That's why my first time management tip is: schedule your time.

Don't just work when you feel like it. Put it in your schedule the specific time you are going to work on your online business and do just that. Please don't watch YouTube videos, don't listen to music, and don't answer your emails or the phone. Just focus on your business and don't be distracted!

For example, while working on my business, like creating a product, writing a sales letter or getting joint ventures, I always switch off the phone. I make sure I don't check my emails, and I always have a task list.

This is my second time management tip: always make a task list of the things you want to achieve when you work on your online business. Let's say you want to contact 10 people for your joint venture, record a product, write a sales letter, and maybe post a question on a forum, write this down on a list and do them one after the other and do just that. Don't do anything else that is not on your list.

My third tip is to work on one project at a time. Right now, I'm working on multiple projects because I have gained experience and I have a system in place. If it's your first business, website or product, focus on one project until completion. Focus on making the first sale and focus on one market only. Drive all your traffic to this specific website. All your effort, focus and energy should go into this specific product and website. When you start to get results, like generating sales everyday, and you have a list of a few hundred if not thousand of people, just document what you have done on paper and create a system.

Everything that I do now is in a folder. I have a system to create products, to find joint venture partners, to build websites. Every time I start a new project, I just take my folder and implement the system that can do different products in different niches very fast.

My last tip is to set revenue and lead generation target. For example you say that for the month of March your target is to have 500 subscribers on your list and generate $250 in sales. It doesn't matter if you reach your target or not. When you set a target, it helps you to stay focused, and you know exactly what you are trying to achieve. You'll stay motivated and focused. You won't be checking your Face book account because if your target is to make $250 in sales, checking your Face book is not going to get you closer to your target.

That's the key, just set a target. It doesn't matter what the target is, especially when you start because when you start you don't really know how much money you are going to make. The target should be realistic for you and if you don't reach your target, it's not a big deal. You will certainly be at a better point than if you didn't set a target beforehand.

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    I suppose most of the people already know what you have just said but just need to be reminded from time to time. I sure did needed some reminding.
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      Originally Posted by howinfo View Post

      I suppose most of the people already know what you have just said but just need to be reminded from time to time. I sure did needed some reminding.
      I agree but the beginners out there need to be reminded that Internet marketing is a real business. Treat it as such.

      That means no Facebook, no Myspace, No checking Emails every 2 minutes just good old fashioned hard work. That is how you get ahead in this world there are no free handouts, you have to write your own future.
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    This is news how?

    Most know this, and know when they're acting...well...not success oriented. Keep reminded them, and they'll still do it. Funny how humans work.
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