Delicious. Should I list every page in delisious?

by apples
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Delicious. Should I list every page in delicious?

Am I supposed to bookmark every page of my site in delicious?

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    It won't hurt you. Do you have a blog style website?

    Don't stick to just Delicious for social bookmarking. I shared this early tonight, but there's a great plugin for Firefox called AddThis - The #1 Bookmarking & Sharing Service that supports hundreds of social bookmarking sites.

    Live with passion,

    Tommy Bussey

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      Yeah I have that on every page on my site.. Not blog style its just normal HTML page.

      But I ran it through website grader and it said I had no bookmarks in delicious. That's all.

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        Yes, it is a goodd thing to do. And why only Delicious? Also use the other good social bookmark sites such as Digg, Mixx, Reditt, Stumbleupon and so on. There are some good social bookmarking software such as OnlyWire and SocialMarker (paid ones but worth it) - these are worth using to speed up your process, in particular if you have a lot of pages to bookmark.

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          Okay so The deal with social bookmarking is that every page I make I should social bookmark. This social bookmark thing is just a list of pages someone bookmarks online instead of in the browser? yes/no?

          The kicker being that other people get to see what you have bookmarked?
          Or that you get a link back to that page?

          So 10 bookmarking sites = 10 individual links pointing to each page in you website? yes/no?

          Next, I have a page that is say ranked 15th, if I bookmark it will it have a positive effect in ranking it higher?

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