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My main mode of marketing is articles. I'd like to send the reader to a custom landing page depending upon the article they came from. Sure I can link to the exact link from the article.

But if I do, how do I track conversions. Google Website Optimizer allows you to track only variations. Here I am not doing any variations. Just sending the visitors directly to the landing page.

And the thank you page is the same for all landing pages.

For Example:

User Reads Article A about 'A' Topic and Clicks on the link. They lead to my landing page which has a headline related to 'A' and captures their e-mail address.

User Reads Article B about 'B' Topic and Clicks on the link. They lead to my landing page which has a headline related to 'B' and captures their e-mail address.

And they are redirected to the same thank you page. Now, How do I track conversions through Google Website Optimizer or Is there a software that works like that?
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    I think this will work!

    You could try to use individual opt-in forms for each landing page, this will allow you to track conversions from within your autoresponder
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      This is actually a very good idea, although I would love to see your results to know if it is worth the effort. You could send some sort of additional information from the form on the page, which will get recorded to your database, while being invisible to the user.

      Which autoresponder are you using?
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      I like to track everything I can in Google Analytics, that way I can see everything all in one place.

      It sounds like you don't even need Google Website Optimizer. Just use Google Analytics on all your pages, and it will track the path of the users that reach your thank you page.

      Be sure to set up a goal in analytics that activates when visitors hit your thank you page. Then it's just a matter of keeping track which article went to which landing page and how well they converted to your goals.
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        Tyson is correct - you need to setup Goals within Google Analytics that will track where your traffic comes from and whether a "goal" (which could be any action) occurs.

        Another method - you can use ad trackers, 1ShoppingCart has one built in if you happen to use them for shoppingcart order consolidation.

        I actually like their solution in addition to Analytics because it also lets me easily track an ad URL's I place into blog posts (rather than trying to get Analytics to run with WP which has had its challenges) or even email sequences to know which email in an autoresponder sequence led to a sale.

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          I'll use Google Analytics. But it's very painful to create landing pages and then the articles.

          But I've made a different plan:

          I think I'm going to write 5 articles for A today,create landing page for A, add analytics and do it.

          Then for B,C,etc. After a week, I'll post back the results in a new thread perhaps. So watch out...
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            You might think about using website optimizer.

            You could just set up 3 pages right now, set up a multivariate test to test them against each other, then send all your traffic to the same URL.

            This way you'd be able to see how the same type of traffic reacts to the different landing pages.

            And the things you test with web optimizer don't have to be just variations of each other. They can be entirely different since it swaps out the whole page.
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