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Hi everyone,

Introduction time: this is my first post here. I've been reading for a while and I'm fairly new to the IM space (about one year). I started doing some PPC-based direct linking affiliate marketing and made a few grand last year .. but more importantly learned a TON. I am huge on sharing knowledge so I'll actively contribute to this community when I can, and I hope you guys are a bit patient with newbies like me. My first product is going to launch soon, and it took me nearly a year to develop into it's full glory. I'll reveal more in due course (I intend to put it on clickbank but no rush).

So my main question is this: I plan to launch my audio book shortly. I will do a combination of SEO and PPC. I have recently purchased Stompernet's STSE2 and PPC Classroom. I am thinking big here, not small. I want to be able to handle several sales per day of my product, not several per month.

I'm currently using Bluehost. They are great but I'm very well aware that "unlimited bandwidth" is a bunch of BS. So, should I worry that Bluehost may not be able to handle the load of several customers per day at 200 MB per shot, or will I be ok?

I'm not going to be cheap. If it costs me $99 per month to get a proper host I'll do that. But for now I'm focussed on execution and getting this product on the market. Then I can make all the smaller changes I need to make to improve conversion, build my list, and handle more traffic. But do I need to worry early on?

Lastly ... I'm planning to buy and install DLGuard this week. If I do this today and on my Bluehost server .. would I be able to use DLGuard to handle delivery from a different server? In other words, say I keep the site on Bluehost and that site only has to deal with traffic on my sales letter. But then I could have my files on a separate server (hopefully) so that the real bandwidth hogging portion of the business is not handled by Bluehost. Make sense? Can DLGuard handle this kind of implementation?

Thanks for any advice, and I look forward to contributing here.

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    I wouldn't worry about it until it becomes a problem. Once you start getting heavy traffic, you can move it to another host or put the sound files on separate servers like you said. But it doesn't disrupt too much while you're doing it, so you'll be fine.
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      Hi Chris,

      I too am intending to sell audiobooks by digital download, so this thread caught my eye. The storage/shopping cart/delivery solution that I've been very interested in is E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods (No, I'm not keen on the 'e-junkie' name either ). I think the price is a monthly flat fee and it changes according to the number of products you sell rather than the bandwidth used.

      Hope this helps,
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    Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. I look forward to your posts and contribution. I have a great web host who supplies dedicated or shared sites, free domain rego and massive bandwidth, unlimited emails etc. If you want to know more pM me.

    God bless
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    This is distantly related. Most mp3 players cannot pause and resume
    a long audio. Recently I downloaded some talks 30 to 90 minutes long.
    My Sansa would display them as 10 to 20 min long. They were mostly
    made for music so it's understandable. I could play the whole talk but
    if I put it on pause after the displayed length, I could not get back to
    the pause point and had to start over.

    I asked and emailed and searched, and then finally thought of audio
    books. They must have the same problem. That search produced this
    link, which is good mp3 players for audio books.
    It would be simple enough to put up a page with at least the Amazon
    products and your own affiliate links to them.

    If you click on the ALL SPECIFICATIONS link for each player, the first
    spec is "mid track resume" and these all say yes although a couple of
    them have to have it enabled.

    None of them are the Mac players or Zunes. I am still looking for one
    that runs on an AA battery (actually I'd like 2 AAs but that doesn't
    look like it is going to happen unless we get together and produce it)
    and has a micro SD card slot. If you do happen to run across one I'd
    probably buy it quickly, affiliate link preferred.

    A woman at work has an ipod 2 years old that only gets a half hour of
    playback per charge. Rechargeable batteries deteriorate with every
    charge, and it is a bit nasty to have them not replaceable. (IMHO)

    That's the most important parts. I got a bit excited about them lately
    when some talks I like became available as internet radio or mp3
    downloads, and I don't want to bury everyone in tedious details.

    best wishes, lloyd
    ....( )/ ( )...

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