5 Ways To Get FREE TRAFFIC To Your Website Or Blog!

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Hi fellow Warriors,

This is an article of mine that I recently shared with my subscribers and thought I would share it with fellow members of this great forum

5 Ways To Get FREE TRAFFIC To Your Website Or Blog!

Your about to learn How I personally get free traffic to my websites.

For most people getting started on the net - the biggest problem they face is not the actual creation of a website - the biggest problem is how the heck to get people there once the site is online!

If you want to achieve success online, then you need to find out what really works to start getting visitors to your website.

Even with great products and services - you won't make money if you have no customers!

If you've had a look around at how to start building traffic - you might quickly start to feel confused...

We'll I have come across quite a few little known ways to generate lots of free traffic to your website or blog and quickly.

And will share with you these exact methods below...

You see I had to get creative when I realized I didn't have a budget of ANY kind to use to get traffic to my websites and/or to market my products when I first started out.

I'm glad I did because the techniques in I learn't about and are totally free are the best in terms of getting traffic to my sites and I use them FAR more than any sort of paid advertising.

My Most Favourite Way To Get Free Traffic Is:

1. Using Forums To Increase Traffic
You can find forums all over the Web with a focus on almost any niche subject you can think up. By far, the Internet Marketing, "Make Money At Home" subject is the most popular forum focus today and probably for more than several thousand tomorrows, too.

It is easy to find forums with targeted traffic for any niche that exists. Just use any search engine, enter your niche keywords, and stand back. Find one or two forums that interest you and join. Quite a few forums are free to join. Some of them on the highly popular Internet Marketing subjects are fee-based, but do not discount the free ones for your traffic-generating marketing.

In fact I've had better results from free forums.

Members of free forums have the same questions, problems and needs that fee-based forum members have. They also have credit cards and will buy products that seem useful to them or products that provide resources they need.

The first task you have as a brand new forum member is to introduce yourself to the other members. Most forums have a "New Member" category that is used for introductions and soft self-promotion...who you are...where you live...what you do...or what's your interest or experience with the niche you just joined.

Create a short, friendly bio covering the pertinent details and post it in the appropriate category on each forum you join.

Create a signature (Sig) that appears at the end of every forum post you make and on any email or private message you may send. All it needs is what your offering/promoting, with your link, that will get clicks from any interested forum member. Here is an example:

CLICK HERE! For Free Quick Cash Blueprint Video (With Giveaway Rights)

(The offer/link in the example above is 100% active/valid as its one I actually use in some forums I'm a member of)

Whatever you decide your niche is, add your linked signature to every single posting or email you send, even emails to your mother. A carefully constructed signature is totally viral and will zip around the Web without you having to think about it again.

For example, let's say you send your mother a good joke or recipe and she sends it along to friends and relatives, who do the same thing. Most will just click forward and your signature file is going along with it. There is no way to tell who will see your sig and need the information or support promised there. This is a very effective and free marketing soft sell that keeps on working. Do not discount it.

Now that you have created your online personality, let's take care of the rest of your forum marketing techniques.

Read every category in your new forum. Get to know the moderators and their style of commenting. Learn & Obey their rules, terms and conditions.

Also learn who the strongest members are and what they post for questions or answers. When you have a good feel for the focus and tone of the community you just joined, start asking questions of your own or posting solutions. Offer links to free resources others need and links to free online processes some need, like keyword verifiers, etc.

Be supportive and gradually become a reliable source of good, clean information ...a valued community member. What you are doing here is building your reputation and creating a credibility that will carry your where you want to go with your online marketing projects.

Most marketing forums have an Announcement category where you can drop the mannerly approach and deliberately market your products. Before doing it, though, read the postings carefully to see how it is done on that specific forum and copy the methods with your own promotional method.

Another very powerful way to get attention for your products is to offer the forum members something free...a short report, ebook, piece of free software, a set of articles you've written (with your sig imbedded) that they can use for their own purposes. Make sure your free gift is worthwhile and useful. Be ready to answer questions about your gift, so make sure you use it before giving it away.

Don't forget when you have a product launch, a couple of hours posting on the forums can greatly add to your sales by just including your sig link in each post.

Try it...you'll like the response you get and the increase in traffic. It's all free!

The Other Ways I Get Free Traffic To My Websites Are:

2. Viral Marketing - writing and distributing FREE reports and ebooks that also come with resell rights (so people can pass them on and so and and so on). I put links back to my sites in the ebooks. I've not gone into great detail about how to do this in this book purely there's not much to tell - write a report, put links in it back to your products - give it away.

3. Article Marketing - the most effective way to make sure your articles get used by as many people as possible (therefore generating the most traffic) is to make them interesting. The best way to do that is to visit similar sites and see which articles turn YOU on. If they interest you, they'll interest others so write a similar article. If they bore you, they'll bore others so stay away.

4. Forum Posting. Don't underestimate this method. If I have a launch on my site (or a viral report I want to give away) then I'll get stuck into the forums for a few hours. I change my sig as much as I change my underwear (uuuuuurgh) and every time I have a new launch I post on the forums. Don't forget when you change your sig, on most forums it automatically changes on every post you've ever written too (posts are GREAT for getting picked up by search engines so make sure you use long term keywords in your posts), so all your past posts' sigs will also point to your latest post.

5. Ad Swaps/Swapping Links With Other Site Owners. Most site owners will be fine with this. But choose people on your own level. If you approach a guru he usually won't even reply to you because there's not much in it for him, and he's not your mum.

If you go for someone at the same level you're at - newbie - intermediate - whatever, you've far more chance of him being more than happy to help. AND there's a strong possibility you'll make a friend AND A JV partner. I still JV with some big marketers who I've known since we both first started out.

The main thing is to just pick a couple of the above - the ones that appeal to you are the best ones to start with - and get stuck in. You'll quickly find out which ones you like and which ones you don't.
The good news is that they all work extremely well, so as your business grows you can pay outsource workers to do the ones you don't like.

Also there is a new method I have been using to generate free web traffic to my sites and have put together a video you can download and watch on your computer that will show you this exact free traffic method step by step.

Download This Free Video (Includes Giveaway Rights) at:


Thank you.

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    Thought Google were not happy with swapping links these days? Although I have no idea how they check these things.
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      Thanks man...
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        Great tips

        Here's one more:

        i) create a blog to promote your website

        ii) Submit your RSS feed to multiple RSS directories

        iii) Bookmark your every post

        iv) Submit your blog to multiple blog directories

        v) Watch as targeted traffic comes in by the tons


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    i have the same habit of constantly changing my sig
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    Originally Posted by MasonRamm View Post

    3. Article Marketing - the most effective way to make sure your articles get used by as many people as possible (therefore generating the most traffic) is to make them interesting. The best way to do that is to visit similar sites and see which articles turn YOU on. If they interest you, they'll interest others so write a similar article. If they bore you, they'll bore others so stay away.
    Good advice. I just made it easier to find those interesting articles. Anyone who needs ideas and examples for new articles should take a look at a custom article search I just made available here:

    Article Search

    It's free. Just something I needed and thought others might find useful. It searches the top 10 article directories (though that may change). Works just like Google (since it is a custom Google search).

    Let me know it you like it. I'm still tweaking it and trying to make it better. Feel free to send me suggestions.
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    Good post! These are tried and true strategies that will always work. By applying them consistently you will be surprised by the results you get.
    Nothing to sell, only value to give and new knowledge to learn.
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      If you guys want serious web traffic..
      Get a camera and make videos that give MASSIVE value about ANY niche related topic.
      Submit the video to traffic geyser -> 50 video hosting sites

      Worked for me when i first started out.
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