What are the benefits of submitting RSS feeds to RSS directories?

by r3bb
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Been wondering this for a while and I can't find any topics relating to it using the forum search.
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    Assuming your talking about submitting the RSS feed of your own site... the benefit is mainly to get more backlinks pointing to you.
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    Its not only back links but also give you traffic dude....

    Just try it and see the results...
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    Yes ... more links to your website and content.
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    Traffic, backlinks, spidering .... I think that about covers it.....
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    Another cool thing is that many autoblogs use these feeds, so you get links for refular sites that grabbed your feed, but if you're lucky you can get gazzilion back links from auto-blogs (well... it might also be "unlucky" situation, depends on several factors).

    If you have a WHY you can go through almost any HOW

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    Backlinks and traffic mainly

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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