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I've just started using Fusion HQ to build my sqeeze pages.

Has anybody else used this?

I'm having trouble uploading the site to my FTP.

When I use the automatic upload through Fusion HQ I just get an error.

And then when I try uploading through my own ftp program, I'm getting:

Warning: Folder log/ not writeable please change mode to 777
Warning: Folder orders/ not writeable please change mode to 777
Warning: Folder tmp/ not writeable please change mode to 777

Any ideas?

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    Hey Mark

    That is a hosting/server issue not Fusion HQ. Some servers automatically change permissions on new directories created.

    Hopefully this will help you fix it:

    1. Login to your FTP
    2. Right click on the folder you're trying to upload and click "File Permissions" or something similar.
    3. Make sure the 3 "Owner Permissions" boxes are ticked (Read, Write, Execute)

    Hope this helps! As soon as that folder permission is fixed your one click direct upload on Fusion HQ will work.


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      I had an issue like that a while back.

      These can be the problems.

      Incorrect file permissions
      Incorrect FTP credentials
      Incorrect temp or other paths.

      My problem was i had safe mode turned on my php

      Dont know how it happened but its fixed now
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