Closeout domains - Value?

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Ive read that closeout domains are worth getting.

I was considering getting them purely because of the domain age and the fact they are already listed in the search engines.

However when a domain goes to closeout, do the search engines not treat them as new domains from that point again? Anyone with experience?

I have read a post from someone saying that the registration date of a closeout domain will still be the original registration date, however will the SE's 'see' that date and take that date, or use their own date etc?
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    Anyone with comments?
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    Hey Adam

    It's a tricky one unless you have a business plan for them. Simply buying them because they are up for grasp at a cheap(er) price isnt really advisable ... because there is a reason they have a lower price.

    A domain which has been indexed and has a good domain age can give you a significant boost in the rankings so UNLESS you find a really good one you can consider it, but remember the old always owner has a reason for selling the domain. If it was making money he wouldnt sell it

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    I agree ,you need to have a business plan in order to go for it, then it is worth it, and absolutely true the owner always has a reason for selling it, so look deep into it before you buy
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    I thought closeout domains on sites like GoDaddy etc were put there just cos the owner hadn't renewed the site and it had filtered through into these sections?

    With regards to being careful, if you Google the domain name and do a link search and index search and spam search etc, and all is clear, then surely it is safe?

    I am interested purely to get some age benefit in the search engine rankings compared to a brand spanking new domain.
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    Hi - I think you will find that once a domain has dropped and then changes hands, a lot of the previous value is lost. The real value remains in the links that are still pointing to the domain and they will continue to send traffic and link love, over time. My 2c worth. All the best, Allen

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      Originally Posted by allenjohn View Post

      Hi - I think you will find that once a domain has dropped and then changes hands, a lot of the previous value is lost. The real value remains in the links that are still pointing to the domain and they will continue to send traffic and link love, over time. My 2c worth. All the best, Allen
      I'm new to this game though I have been a warrior forum member for some time. I have just come across this after looking uo on Godaddy for domain names - tried to find out what "closeouts" were all about. I gather that all references to "domains" here are referring to domains that already have websited built to earn any ranking (if any) on search engines. Am I right. Flipping Domain Names would have little without a basic website - am I right? :confused:
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    If you buy it before it drops, then it retains its age. So Godaddy's closeout auctions are a good way to pick up some aged domains if that's what you're looking for.

    You can always check the web archive if you're concerned about what was done with the domain before.

    There are lots of reasons why the owner may not renew it, including oversight, death, going out of business, change of direction, etc.

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    Also depends on the natural type in traffic the domain gets regardless of past links. Direct type in traffic is most valuable.
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    Not only do the closeout domain names keep their links, they keep their page rank and make it a lot easier for you to get your domain ranked in the search engines.

    Well, worth your while if you can filter through all the other garbage
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    Closeouts are domain names that were passed on in earlier auctions due to being undesirable names and in all likelihood not having any significant remaining backlinks, but you can get nicely aged domains for as little as $5, although search engines may examine the whois information they probably rely more on their indexing history and may treat a site that was never developed, with no history of page rank much like a brand new.
    They say a domain over 6 months old can take on a larger number of added backlinks than a brand new domain without getting dinged by the search engines.
    By all means check the waybackmachine (internet archive) to get a picture of the domain's prior history. You can also look it up in black lists, here's a list of lists:
    Domain blacklist collection focused on email spam.

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    You can buy a domain just after it has dropped, and still retain the value of the links and PageRank - provided you are quick.

    The key is to get new content onto the domain asap. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the value of the links and PR will disappear. It is also better if the new content has a theme similar to the previous content. If you try to switch a generic domain name to a different niche, you may find that the benefit diminishes.

    I don't think the age of the domain in itself makes any difference in terms of ranking. But as the OP points out, older domains domains are more likely to have good backlinks, and will most likely be well indexed.
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    • Interesting thread.

      So age is not important anymore?

      Moreover, I bought once a domain wih Godaddy, there was a buy button and that was the only thing I knew. I bought it for cheap, $5 or $8. With my surprise, the domain was not assigned to me as the owner bought it back after a few days and I was automatically refunded. Quite strange. Was this a closeout domain? So the owner can buy it back if he/she wants? Then why the transaction went fulfilled in the first place? Irritating, nothing similar happens in real life, a buy button is a BUY button, or not?
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