An Idea For Allen Says About The WSO Forum

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Hi Allen,

Just wanted to throw this out to you as a possibility. What if all new WSO's were lumped together by themselves. In that way all new WSO's wouldn't be competing with bumped WSO's. I know that has been a concern among a lot of members about their first time WSO going off Page 1 too fast, especially because so many bumped WSO's move them down the page.

All bumped WSO's would remain status quo, but in their own WSO subforum.
You could still keep the same standards for bumping: allowed only after going to page 3 (Of the bump subforum, maybe call it the WSO Archives?)

I think it would be win win for all. New WSO's would get more exposure. Bumped WSO's would compete amongst themselves just like now. I think it would overall increase WSO profits for everyone involved.

The way I see it your "new" WSO would stay in the "new" WSO forum until it was bumped. It would just naturally go down the list.

Any time you wanted to "bump it", it would go to the "bump" wso forum and compete with all the other bumped WSO's.

Allen, what do you think?

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  • Allen makes one change to the WSO forum, and now there are posts and threads all over WF with people making the oddest of suggestions.

    If you split the WSO into two forums, you would lose trafic and make it more confusing for the buyers. Just more hassle.
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      Charles, I am reaching out to Allen with an idea I had. Please bash the idea itself if you want, but not because of some changes in the WSO forum. It has nothing to do with that. OK?


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  • I understand. It's just the past 24 hours have been nothing but complaints and suggestions dealing with the WSO forum.

    Luckily, WF isnt a democracy or this forum would collapse.
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    Than a lot of people would not bump their WSO's but change two words to make the post original and post a new WSO instead.

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      Originally Posted by milan View Post

      Than a lot of people would not bump their WSO's but change two words to make the post original and post a new WSO instead.
      Someone's been paying attention...


      Aside from the easy gaming, this would create more problems than it would solve. And right now, I don't think Allen's looking to create more problems.

      Let's leave discussions of changes other than the ones in progress for another time. This conversation always takes the same turns, and ends up with people getting torqued off for no purpose.

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