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Somebody posted this at DP...Great advice!

"If you're not using this, it's worth giving it a try. The purpose for this is to have notification when new links to your site are found by Google. This can be very good for any linkbuilding campaign.

Google Alerts

<edit> I almost forgot. You can set it for Blogs, news, web, etc.

The search term should be: link:

You can set the frequency to as soon as it happens, once per day, or once per week.

It's very handy for watching progress of Google picking up new links to your sites.


What is the maximum number of alerts I can create?

You can create up to 1000 alerts. To create more alerts, you can either delete any existing alerts or request alerts to be sent to a different email address. Please remember that you can only have up to 10 unverified Alerts at any given time."
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    YOu can also use SEOquake if you really want to check the links. Googel alerts for incoming links is just a distraction in my opinion.

    Keep your attention focused on new projects, dont check your mail/alerts too often. Keeps your mind on top of whats really important: DIVERSIFICATION and GROWTH!

    Any questions, drop me a line!

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    Google alerts are very useful for link building campaigns. One must definetely use them on timely basis.
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    Yes, They work very well in your overall linkbuilding campaign.

    Along with your standard promotions(Press releases ,social book marks ,your normal profile links, article directory submissions et al), this would be a good addition to it.

    It is good primarily because google feels those blogs are relevant to the keyword you are targetting. As with any link building excercise, Restrict it to specific number a day and be CONSISTENT and you will see results.

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    This is used by some of us for a long time.

    You can track linkbacks, sure you can... but the goodies is this:

    You can track your competition.


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    Google Alerts are awesome! They can give you relevant targeted backlinks and help out with IP Diversity. For me they are the gym of backlinks for sites I'm working on.
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    Also you may find my post here useful too - it talks about putting Google Alerts to work with Alert rank, which will help you ignore informational "noise".
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    They're great for making sure your articles/blog posts aren't stolen, if you put a quote from the piece inside quotation marks.
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    You can also create one for your name, so you know when people are talking behind your back, and for your products, so you know what people are saying about it.
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    Yes yes, you can search anything like on google using all those special commands like intitle etc...
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    And don't just have an alert for
    but also have one for your product title "my awesome product" title in quotes. That way you can see what your affiliates are doing too.
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      I have a Google Alert set on my own name, which is extremely useful in showing me what people are saying or writing about me. However, it doesn't include mentions on Twitter. Is there a similar service for Twitter?

      Marcia Yudkin
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        Originally Posted by marciayudkin View Post

        Is there a similar service for Twitter?

        - Type in:
        (if it's 2 or more words, or a phrase, separate with "+" sign)

        - Wait for it to load (slowest.load time.ever)

        - At top right is RSS icon where you can click on 'Feed for this query'.

        - Enter that feed into your favorite RSS reader (ie Google Gmail/Reader)

        It doesn't cache results for very long - which is irrelevant in the long term - and isn't as instant as doing the search fresh/manually, but it's a good way to automate the process of monitoring for keywords.

        ie. the search (w RSS link) to find mentions of your Twitter name would be:

        Hope that helps.

        - Steve
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    I used to keep track of company news (for stocks I buy) using google alerts until I realize there were just too many emails coming in (most good companies have plenty of news a day).

    Now I just use them to keep track of who's talking about me or my blogs
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    I do think that the Google link alerts are helpful, but not in keeping track of my own incoming links, but for my competitors.

    I've been able to pick up on a couple of their good link sources using it, which has directly helped me to pass at least 2 sites which were ahead of me on the first page of Google for a competitive term.

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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