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I've been following the Commission Ritual by Brian Johnson for the past few months now. He doesn't seem to put a lot of emphasis on the actual look or appearance of the site. He provides some SEO'd Wordpress templates that while useful and easy to use, are somewhat...well...boring. My question is this: is it important to have an exciting looking web site? Or is focusing on SEO and back linking more important?
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      Appearance is very important for selling products through websites.

      Seo and advertising will give your website traffic but attractive websites will boost conversions.

      Good Luck.
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        Originally Posted by JAIDEEP2959 View Post

        Appearance is very important for selling products through websites.

        Seo and advertising will give your website traffic but attractive websites will boost conversions.

        Good Luck.
        That's what I was thinking. So I really need to have an attractive (though not outlandish) looking web site that is properly SEO'd.


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    You can also ask yourself this. Would you buy a product from the templates Brian Johnson provided you?

    Did he use them for his sales page?

    Helping Japanese communicate with the world - 英会話教材

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    Hey Gang,

    I am glad I found this thread today because I want to clear up why I actually advise people NOT to get too worried about the visual appeal of a site.

    I should also mention that were talking about affiliate marketing with my materials, that is to click a link from your site and buy from another such as or

    Today I can create visually appealing sites and it is something that I think people should work toward, however my exeriance with teaching people that are new is this.

    They spend far too much time and energy on things that do not have a direct affect on making money, that is driving traffic. The end result is that they get no traffic from their efforts over the short term (say 3 or 4 months), they get discouraged and they quite.

    Come to find out the site in question usually has little content, maybe several posts ... possibly ten at best and no inbound links.

    Thus, instead of focusing on header images, colors, graphics and banners (which I never use by the way) I teach people to focus on what is most important when launching new sites and that is:

    1) SEO Optimized Content
    2) Links to push rankings

    These are the two items I spend most of my time with, once you have the traffic then by all means learn how to create a great looking site.

    I will also mention in my own personal effort to provide solid products that meet the demand of my customers I am now working to provide templates, themes and headers for various programs.

    Bottomline is that this is important to my customers and I want to give them what they want, however I will mention that I also want to give them and teach them what they need to succeed.

    Pretty sites is not really that important.

    Don't believe me?

    This site below makes thousands each month on autopoilot, it ranks for various terms including:

    - hostmonster coupon
    - host monster coupon

    Ect ...

    Hostmonster Coupon Codes, Host Monster Promo Coupons

    In the end it is important to prioritize, traffic and rankings should come first, however too many focus on other areas.

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    I'm with Brian on this issue. Just about every site I've had (Adsense and affiliate) that made memorable amounts of money for me were pretty "plain Jane." Too many visual bells and whistles distract from the parts of a site that make you money. At least for these types of sites.

    If you have a business in certain markets, I can see where there would be strong advantages to a "knock their socks off" website. But overall, I think far too many IM'ers waste their time worrying over things like color schemes, font types, and pretty headers. Focus on what earns you money.

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    I keep a folder on my desktop specifically for saving those sites which I really like the appearance of. If the sales copy is good then that's a bonus. Used for inspiration and ideas.

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    From a prospect's point of view, the appearance of a site greatly enhances my experience with the seller.

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    a good looking website will make your visitors return... it's very important to make your visitors come back as often as possible..
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