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I though a few Warriors would find these test results useful. They come from our squeeze page testing, and they're based on >8000 site visitors, so they have a good degree of confidence.

We used Split Test Accelerator to do mutlivariate testing of our squeeze page - a good experience, all in all, so take that as a product endorsement. I'm not going to be specific about the exact results, but focus on the learnings:

The Flash animation provided a good uplift - The animated content was for 'flare', such as corporate logos, and testimonial snippets etc, so it may be the content of the animation that worked.

Autostart vs. click to start on the video - no impact.

Video: We did video from two presenters - with different scripts, but on the same topic. Both had similar conversion rates on a stand-alone basis. However, later tests showed that traffic generated from content by one presenter on the blog got a lower sign-up rate when they viewed the video of the other presenter on the squeeze page.

Including text copy - we got a worse sign up rate compared to flash + video combination without text copy. Obviously this isn't necessarily true for all text copy, just ours -- although it was modelled on copy from a VERY successful site (that doesn't use video).

Headline - no surprise here - it's very important - 1 headline outperformed 6 others significantly.

Viral Inviter - we installed a viral invitation tool on our thank you page - this totally exceeded our expectatation, as it nearly doubled the site traffic!

If you'd like to see the result, the hop over to our site!

Philip Greenwood
JV Partner Manager
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    Hey Phillip,

    You might want to put together a report with some specifics in it, and do a little more research. I for one, would be interested in buying it.


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      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your thought. I had though of that too, but to create something that is statistically supportable would take a vast amount of work! I plan to keep records as I go along...

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        Nice stats there Phil ... would be good to have test slices on
        many niches to see the figures on these stats to compare ...

        Autostart vs. click to start on the video - no impact.

        ... this one in particular as I always leave it to "Click To Start"
        as it REALLY p****s me off when it auto-starts (myspace! YUK!!!!)
        Mind you I was on a lot slower connection then to ... I am yet
        to strike an auto-start vid to see if my patience is tested ... lol

        I`m hoping to beta-test a multivariate tool this week ... think
        I`ll setup a test on this very thing if I do ... thanks for posting!

        Christopher J.
        WSO --> HOMEPAGER <--- WSO
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    Hi Philip

    Great job with the testing! I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind...

    (a) Did you design the Flash yourselves?

    (b) Have you tested putting the Flash part under the headline, instead of at the bottom?
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