Selling through authenticity

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I read the post about using real names, and it got me thinking about authenticity, and how much it can buy you.

To be honest, while I use my real name, that's not what authenticity is necessarily about. It's more that your very business structure, your modus operandi and the way you relate should be similar both on and offline if you want to see long term benefits to your business.

Anyone can come in and do a snatch and grab type operation that adds a little to your pockets. But to have a long lasting and successful business that takes you out of a need for a 9-5 job, you need to focus on being authentic across the board.

This means that:
1. You think of your online work as a business right from the start. Create short and long term goals, set personal targets and then work hard to surpass them.
2. Think before you type. I've ranted online a few times, but to be honest the vast majority of those I'm still incredibly proud of. I try to be very careful who I take on, and what I say- and before I post, I ask "does this comment fit in with my overall brand?"

3. separate your personal relationships from your marketing. Facebook and twitter can often build relationships with people who will be clients and customers. But if you want to sell, sell sell, do it apart from them. People want you to be relating to them- they like to see what you are doing and support it, but don't want to feel bombarded.

4. Not everyone will agree with this- but my personal line is I don't sell anything I don't want myself. (or can't see a need for) this means I can write about it with conviction, feel proud of what I'm standing behind and answer any concerns from an honest place.

5. Give a little back. If you give out of what you have, then there is room in your hands to accept a little more. This includes helping others who are less experienced than you are, setting up ways to give back online and offline, and understanding that giving away your knowledge, doesn't weaken your position- it strengthens it.
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    this post reminds me of a saying that I use:
    "it is harder to keep track of a lie than it is the truth"
    I am an ex car sales man and I hated to lie or to even to stretch the truth it was just so hard to keep track of one lie after another, I started to be honest with my customers and my sales increased.

    Something new soon.

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