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Sometimes people should use their common sense!

Can a headline be so "tempting" that it defies any common sense?


One of those "Make $XYZ/day with CPA" WSOs (any random one, doesnt really matter which one).

They often follow the same principle, some "method" and then a web site mentioned where "the method" is supposedly to work.

( Now don't get me wrong, i know about such reports for a long time already, there are even "classic" methods which were big about 2 years ago UNTIL they started to sell the method on various forums. )

The important thing to know here is that NO SANE PERSON would sell a "method" which makes them (allegedly) a fortune per day - and especially not if the method is limited to a particular site WHICH IS RELATIVELY UNKNOWN with a danger of saturation.

From my experience most/all of those people are selling their methods THEN when it becomes evident that the method is saturated, doesn't work anymore or when their sales declined for whatever reason. Then they start going on forums and sell.

And to use another example: Some software which (somehow) is supposed to make money, like forex software. People claim there is software which will double or triple your money within days.

Think about it....wouldn't you rather use such a software and be quiet while you rake in the profits using this "miracle software"....or would you make a sales page and sell the software to thousands of people on clickbank? If the software is so good with making money....why do you need to sell it?

Common sense!
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    Agree with everything you've said in your post, BUT...

    Perhaps it's time for people to stop making new threads about "WSOs" and go back to work or whatever it is they do?

    The admins here know what they are doing. They do not need your help in deciding what rules to enforce and when.

    Common sense is something that a lot of people do not have. That wont change, no matter how many times you repeat "common sense, man!".

    I'm happy that the rules are being enforced, because that should help to get rid of some of the scammers and bulls*******. Legit sellers will adapt.

    Go back to work.
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    Nice post. Well said and I definitely agree. Most people who are offering different opportunities are probably selling some good theories OR the system gets saturated or slowly starting to die.
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    I do not agree with the assertion that if someone has succeeded in something that he himself would be better to use this product than to sell it to people.

    We have many examples in different niches. For example in the IM niche every day sees many products, but only a few are bound to become popular and enrich their owners overall experience or change their lives.

    Other products do not receive public recognition and are soon forgotten.

    This applies to any niche.

    For example Forex niche - as a trader, I can say that 100% per month is the result of which can be achieved but it is very difficult and risky. If we take the approximate income is 100% APR is a very real figure. Now imagine how much money should be able to earn on a $ 100,000 investment? Correct 100 000 $ starting capital and a year later it can be doubled. Or show people how can you work exercise their skills. If you sell such services say at $ 100 then you need to sell only 1000 units of this product. And of course attachments will be less.

    That's all math. But unfortunately 99% of the product are garbage. They show the test for 30 minutes and sell their robots, which are useless. But if you can show your account on which you have done 100% live tests i.e. just everyday work it is worth closer inspection.
    Moreover, consistency is also important. 100% for 2-3 days - casino, 5-10% per month throughout the year - the professional trade.
    And the risks you can customize to your taste.
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    I bought a WSO a while back from a guy who made a "double your money back" guarantee. It was about $200+.

    He didn't deliver on his product (a bunch of videos/week) as promised but we didn't ask for our money back either... I think it's all about taking responsibility for our own choices.
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    It really does come down to saturation. It is ridiculous to believe someone's income claims if they're selling a method that can be saturated easily. Unfortunately, that's not often obvious until you've paid for their WSO. And they count on that, of course.

    Common sense only gets you so far. I stay away from any headline in the WSO section these days that makes any kind of wild claim. Life's easier that way, especially for a reforming serial WSO buyer like me.
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    Some of the people buying WSO's aren't doing it because they need it for a
    project they are working on. They are chasing the next big thing to make
    them instant cash which many know won't happen. They just have to
    figure it out on their own.

    Have a Great Day!

    PS. GeorgR,
    Your sig has mutated into the sixth line.
    You Might want to check it out.

    I'm using FF latest version.

    Just thought you should know
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