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I read that wordpress creates a RSS feed by default. Where can I get my RSS feed from, or do I first have to create one?
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  • If you are using WOrdpress, feeds are automatically created.
    Search for Feed Icon on your main blog page.
    Your RSS adress can be :


    Or something similar.
    It's fully automated, you don't need to create one.

    Alessandro Zamboni
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    See WordPress Feeds WordPress Codex

    You can also set how many items are in your RSS feed in the WordPress dashboard.

    Eg, if you site has 25 posts then you can display the 15 most recent posts.

    WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading

    Syndication feeds show the most recent 'x' posts

    (where 'x' is number of posts you want to display in your RSS feed)
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    There will be an rss icon in most of the wordpress other than the default themes you use. you can click that rss icon and then take the rss url, in case you cannnot find the rss url from the above mentioned methods.

    Thank you.
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    My site consists of only pages, no posts. Is there an way to create a rss for the pages? I tried the url's ie mysite/rss my site/feed/rss and I only get page not found, and in the google rss reader I get nil feeds.
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    there are plugins that will add your pages to your rss feed, but they aren't always accepted everywhere (when you do RSS submission I mean).
    Taking it one day at a time!
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    Ok thanks Leslie B, will look for the plug in. If anyone else uses headway and knows a decent plug in for rss please let me know.
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    I found rss-includes-pages.1.1 - This works very well!
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      Aaron you will find that just about anything you want to do or problem you need solved, somebody has made a plugin for it. WordPress as a whole is simply phenomenal.
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