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Hi guys,

I used to have Website Content Wizard and since Mr. David Watson cannot be reach to get the software working, I would like to know if there is any software that is very similar and can do just the same or much better.

I have seen some of the article spinners but they are basically having the same sentences which is not good enough.

What i am looking for is something that can really replace those words with synonyms and very much readable to humans...

Thanks fro any info and comments...

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    Have you looked at Magic article re-writer or submitter?

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    Does this article re-writer use those pipes and brackets? I wonder because i myself lost my WCW and WAW both from David Watson. I was hoping he could simply give the software and let us run on our won since we paid for it and it was expensive.
    But i myself is looking for something similar to the website content wizard (WCW).

    I check the site and it seems that you need to manually re-write the sentences though so its kind of iffy for me right now... unless someone really use this and do very little work with it.


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    We have 'work-arounds', which get the software working again if you have a legitimate copy, in this thread


    Pearson Brown
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      Originally Posted by pearsonbrown View Post

      We have 'work-arounds', which get the software working again if you have a legitimate copy, in this thread


      Pearson Brown
      The runasdate fix works fine. So if you allready had 'wizard' programs up and running, you can still use them, but as soon as your computer has a problem, you're in deep trouble, because how do you install the programs on another computer?

      I have tried all the suggestions, and maybe it's me, but so far I haven't had any succes with re-installing on a different computer.

      So the idea alone that at any moment I may loose all my work, gives me a very uneasy feeling.
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        I have asked Nir Sofer, the developer of runasdate, if he knows a solution and here is his answer:


        I cannot know what is the solution for this, only the software developer know the answer.

        If a software developer stopped to support the program, it would be fair to release a final version without the license validation.



        So we can stop dreaming. It is not possible to re-install the software on another computer.
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          David is still operating from


          I often get e-mails from him but maybe he is out of the software development business now and concentrating on other areas.

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    Hi PearsonBrown,

    I do have a legitimate copy and and files which i save on a memory stick.
    Where can I get access to it? can you show how... please???

    I also bought from him the Website Article Wizard which i never used..lol!

    Thanks very much,

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    BTW. can i pm you, pearsonbrown cause i do have my license number and access code for both the software from David Watson.... and i would like to know the work arounds on this software..


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    First thanks for pointing me to the right link for more info on how i can get it to work. But i have this problem; a month ago my computer crash and my processor got fried and the power supply is gone too... so went and bought new one and the original install is no longer on my new computer.. and I think based on the one who is having the fix for 7.00 dollars, it might not work with it.... so I guess i just have to wait for next time if David or someone can find a fix for my type of problem...
    I do appreciate your efforts fro taking time and show where i can find some answers...

    Thanks again

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    David is a brilliant coder, so I don't think his software can be easily hacked.
    And we will not be able to continue using WCW without his cooperation.

    Of course he should cooperate, since we paid for his service.

    the software may not be hackible, but it sure can be cloned.

    They always say that you need to 'have a starving crowd' to market to, well courtesy of David, here is a very starving crowd indeed!

    Therefore: Listen good David, put your servers back in working order. It's cheaper and happier for you and for us.

    If you don't, consider this: who knows what nasty legal surprises the future may hold for you? You can't be sure, can you? You make a lot of enemies this way. and they're not all sheep.
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    Oh dear...Who cares about your opinion Glenn and what you would do?
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    Hey Glenn,

    I am so happy to hear that I am not the victim of a conman.

    You really make me laugh ;-)

    Well, you may have met the guy several times, but you never bought his products, did you?

    Many customers of David Watson have spend a lot of money. I personally own 5 products of $ 197 each. There may be a discount here and there, so let's say I've spend around $ 850 with David.

    If you knew his software, and I don't believe you do, you would know that the software gets more useful in time, because the more stuff you add to the database, the more you can do. So there are many people who have invested a lot of time to build something up and then all of a sudden the software doesn't work anymore, because David doesn't keep the validation server in working order.

    Can you understand how angry people get?
    Can you imagine how sick people get to hear what a nice guy this David Watson is and that at least they're not victims of a conman?

    Come on Glenn...give me a break!

    There ARE legal consequences of David's behavior, let there be no doubt about that. I don't know the legal terminology in english, but in dutch it is called 'onrechrmatige daad'. So I am not threatening, I am just letting him know what his position actually is.

    I have not made an official complaint yet, but why should I have to keep on playing nice Glenn?

    Just tell me one good reason.

    I am listening.

    Anyway enough of that. My focus in this thread is not to talk about David Watson or about anybody's opinions on the guy, but to find a solution so that we can keep on using WebsiteContentWizard and the rest.

    So ... as long as my computer does not break down, I will be able to keep on using the programs with the help of runasdate.

    Re-installing the programs on a different computer as a backup is not possible.

    But there is still one more possibility. Making an image of the hard disk. I am trying that now and will let you all know if that gets anywhere.
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    Check out UAW (unique article wizard) they have an excellent service...good luck!
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      I also bought 3 of David's products
      and they are all out of service!
      One of them even redirects to a WCW generated site!

      The thing is, he still sends me offers almost every day using the
      wcw and other email addresses but whenever you try to reply to those
      addresses your email wil bounce!
      So it is obvious he does not want to deal with this issue.
      This is certainly not fair to his customers.

      The only reason I stay on his list is in the hope that he decides to fix the
      situation. However I will not buy anything using his affiliate link.

      The most he should do is to provide the product without the licensing feature.
      It's a same - he made some nice products!
      This is the third IM that bailed on me in the last year! Seems like a
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    Good news for people who have a working copy of WebsiteContentWizard on their computer.

    It is possible to make an image of the complete harddisk and re-install everything, no matter what happens to your computer.

    Read 'Go Portable - 100%' on this forum to find out how.
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