Is There a SureFire Way to Apply For eBay Affilliate Account?

by Oling
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Hi Everyone,

I don't seem to get approved for affiliate account with eBay. I used one static website and three WP blogs when i applied for the account almost three months ago and up to now I haven't get answer from.

Someone give a blog to used and he said this will surely get your application approved but it never did.

I used weight loss wpblog/site and news info tips blog in application but i haven't heard from eBay. I did not used both blogs at the same but after while and I did not get a word from them i decided to re-apply with another blog..

Any comments and suggestions is highly appropriated..

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    This may help

    Its an article by Mark Thompson on his blog.

    How To Get Approved By EPN

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    Thanks very much Adam...
    that was great information on how i can follow up and get accepted at epn...

    Thanks again,

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