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I was looking for a generic privacy policy/tos that I could modify for a new site I'm doing. I stumbled upon this while browsing a Coldfusion related site. I thought this might be helpful:

Privacy Policy / Terms Of Service Generator : Kinky Solutions : A Student's Perspective by Ben Nadel

Since I can't find the option (don't think there is any), could this be made a sticky? If this saves somebody some time and hunting, I think its a good thing.

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    Oh, thanks, I'll check it out.

    I've been using the Free Utilities section of:

    They have Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and more.

    Like the one you showed us, they are generic and need to be customized for your own site. Plus, you don't have the advantage of having your attorney write you one that includes everything.

    These free utilities can't do it all, but they are great for at least getting something going for these types of pages, which we all need!

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    And if you use Wordpress, there's a Privacy Policy Plugin that you can use.

    Link: Privacy Policy Plugin
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      This will save time for sure.
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    This will save tons of time!!!
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    Guys and Gals:

    This type of thread really drives me nuts because I hate to see well-intentioned Warriors not only waste their time on useless terms, but using some of these policies can be counterproductive and harmful.

    Check out my signature as I have a Warrior deal on some real website terms you can use that will have a significant impact if you have legal issues.

    The DigitalPoint terms are horrible, and while the generic terms in the link the OP referenced are better, they omit an extremely significant issue.

    As I mention on a sales page somewhere, I've seen that omission cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars after a legal dispute has started.

    If you check out my offer, you'll see that not only are terms provided that you can use, but I explain what different portions mean, their effect, and why they are important.

    Knowing that information could be critical to your business.

    And now I'm off ... working late writing a sanctions motion right now against a business who had bad terms in their contract ... which created a chain of events that has already resulted in one six-figure award against it and is about to create another large award.
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    Thanks for starting this thread Cypher, I've been PMing a few IM buddies to ask for permission to copy their's, so this is really useful.
    James Pateman
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    This is also discussed here,

    Great list we got going here!

    I think, for many of us, a general policy at least shows due diligence. Certainly if your site generates a lot of sales, customers, JV's or potentially contentious or exploitable material you should pay to have something custom written.

    Here is a summary of the tools referenced on WF.

    Privacy Policy / Terms Of Service Generator

    Privacy Policy Plugin For WordPress

    Free Utilities from

    OECD Privacy Statement Generator

    Now to start generating policies :-)


    JeromyS (JeromyS) on Twitter
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