What Do You Think Of The Word "Autopilot"

by Dave d
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What do you think of the word "Autopilot". At the moment it seems like its getting thrown around more and more just to build up hype.

Whats your interpretation of the word. Does it annoy you or maybe it peeks your interest. When you see this word on the sales page or in the title do roll your eyes and move on.

Maybe you have used this word in your product. If you have what was the meaning of it.

Is there truly an auto pilot system in IM that earns money.

The main reason Im asking is because I have gone through countless courses and reports that mentioned Autopilot and I could never quite see how it ties in with the product in any sense.
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    There are lots of things that are actually "autopilot" given that most of them take some time to setup and then tweak once in a while. I have ppc campaigns that run on autopilot and produce fresh leads for my business everyday. Some of them I have not touched in a couple months.

    I have Article Submitters that blast my articles out while I sleep. When I use traffic geyser it distributes content out for me everyday at the push of a button..

    You just have to know how to gt things in "Autopilot Mode" and then just keep up with them.

    Jeff Mitchell

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    I actually LOVE autopilot, who doesn't? I don't think it's possible to automate your entire internet marketing business to make it run 100% on autopilot, but you can automate a few processes here and there and save a lot of time.

    I'm automating things like the daily posting of my spinned articles to my network of wordpress blogs for example and it's definitely a huge time-saver.
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      Websites are basically autopilot. At least established websites which rank highly for their keywords. If a website is monetized with Adsense, eBay ads and/or Amazon ads and gets enough traffic daily with a solid conversion % then I'd probably say it's a website running on autopilot which is making money without any aid from the website owner. Now mainly this goes for sites that are some years old and are stable in the rankings as opposed to sites that require a ton of SEO to keep them high in the rankings.

      I've noticed a blogspot blog which is stable in the top 5 for a keyword with over 17 million competing pages. The blog outranks massive sites and furthermore the blog is never updated. It just sits there at the top. Mainly because it's about 9 years old and Google rewards seniority. So there's an example of an autopilot blog right there. Too bad the site owner never monetized it or keeps it fresh.
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    I wanna get off that plane

    Bare Murkage.........

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    To "pilot" implies to get something off the ground.
    "Auto" implies, without human intervention.

    I dunno... I just know what pilot and auto implies... thats all.

    I dont know nothin else.

    Hope this helps.
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      To me, an "autopilot" is a relatively dumb mechanical device for holding a craft (like a plane or boat) at a steady course and speed. They have their place, but like the safety on a gun, they are not reliable enough to stake something important on.

      It wasn't that long ago that a commercial airliner overshot the intended airport by several hundred miles because the real pilots were sleeping or playing on their laptops depending on which version you believe.

      When I hear the phrase "make money on autopilot", I do tend to roll my eyes and keep moving - and not on autopilot...
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    Autopilot is everywhere - we just don;t think about it much once we do it...for example, much of this forum is on autopilot. Once the site admins set up various rules and such, the Vbulletin software and plugins does the rest.

    But then, we start thinking about other things we have to do, and we say to ourselves..."I ought to put that on autopilot!"

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    The truth of the matter is that once you have your business set up, you can pretty much let it run by itself. The reason why so many products talk about AUTOMATING your business is because it can be.

    Yes, you will need to set everything up first, but once this is done and money rolls in, it is a BUSINESS that runs ON AUTO-PILOT.
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    Autopilot, set and forget, never touch again, few mouse clicks once and profit... overused words these days. There is always something to do with those autopilot systems to make them work and give you money. You need to track, split test, twek once on a while.

    If you set and forget you better forget about the money too.
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    Now if I could just "auto-check" my pal pal acct. I would save about 5 hours a day!
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    Originally Posted by Dave d View Post

    What do you think of the word "Autopilot".
    If you are a pilot, it gives you a chance to take a nap without the worry of slamming into the side of a mountain. My guess is that pilots like the word.
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