Ultimate Embedded Video Usage Guide

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This is from the old forum but it's sooo relevant to everything all you youtube and video linking guys do.

Right now we are all tragically underusing embedded videos on our pages. We see it as a great way to keep a user on a page and get our message across yes, but there is SOOOOO much more we can do.

You can stop that movie and show a form, redirect to a CPA, show the user a message, show the user a survey - ALL without editing the video. You can basically turn the embedded videon on your page into the same advertising dream normal television has been for the last 50+ years...except this is far more powerful!

The FREE script to do this is over on www.codingmarketing.com and I'm more than happy to answer any questions, do some brainstorming with you all so as to further its capabilities and all our understanding.
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    When the site's up and running, let us know...

    i.e., codingmarketing.com isn't up and active
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    In fact ALL of your links are down!


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    dude your site isn't work man...

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    Basically what thegamecat is talking about is a content gateway page.I have seen the script he mentioned about.It can also be done using a file splitter.Anyway his post is quite old and he has not been here for sometime.

    An example I can give is Zango.In order for the user to view a video he needs to install the Zango toolbar.But I would not recommend promoting Zango as it is spyware and make a living nightmare for users.

    For those of you guys who are interested in this and like to monetize using CPA I would recommend CPALead and InstantDollarz.Both pay monthly and have a Paypal option.And they have an abundance of international offers too.

    If you would like to checkout the content unlocker API for a demo you can do so at their respective websites.

    P.S.Hope I have helped you guys with my two cents.
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    Goodness this is an old thread. Didnt expect to see any new posts about it.

    I've created a new application that hooks into twitter and has a tell a friend feature as well as some other cool stuff - there will be a WSO shortly, I'm still working on the sales page - once it's ready the WSO will be announced.


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