70,000+ Followers - One Way To Do It

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Do you want tons of targeted followers? Or a huge truckload of free traffic? Or some other fun combination of hype words?

Some days ago there was this thread about http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...marketing.html

I spent some thinking: should I share my method on "How to Build a Massive List of Followers"? Why didn't I share it directly? Well, considering the amount of spam and bots on the twitter network, I think it's obvious to anyone that a completely free, "below the radar" way of building a twitter network might attract some of the bad guys...


Only use this method to provide real, hard-core value to the twitter network, or I will get bad karma and project that back to you. Remember, I live in Indonesia. People here know voodoo and stuff, and I've got connections...

Ok, so here is the outline for what you need to do:

1. Get a gmail account
2. Get a twitter account
3. Get a socialoomph.com account and set it up for the usual autofollow and stuff
4. Get an addnewfollowers.com-account (yes, the sign up process sucks) and start following people based on keyword

So far you have a twitter account with autofollow/unfollow and keyword follow.

Now, the next part is the "magic":

5. Sign up for a Yahoo pipes account
6. Configure a yahoo pipe to pull in feeds/data/anything and output it as RSS
7. Run the pipe and copy the RSS-url
8. Get a twitterfeed-account and have your pipe-rss-feed published to your twitter account

Ok, so now you've got a twitter account running on autopilot. You can use basically any kind of input as a source to the yahoo pipes. blogsearch.google.com, twitters search, your favorite blogs, your own blog (!)... you can even do a search on #quotes and have that filtered and retweeted. Oh yeah, automatic retweeting is also done using the pipes.

Disclaimer: Although I've got a nice ROI on my time invested in my twitter network, I would say that you wont get rich by setting up accounts like this.

Ok... don't forget what I said about voodoo.

PS. If one of the points 1-8 doesn't make sense to you, don't worry. You're not alone and I can feel your pain. Please don't invest to much time in learning this if you don't get it right on the first try. You'll just be disappointed. That said, it's pretty fun to drive traffic from 70,000+ followers...

PS2. If you found this information useful, please thank me, I love "thank you's"

Good luck!
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    That sounds very interesting. Do you have an example of a twitter account currently doing this? Would be awesome to see this in action.

    Read my incredible story: www.affiliatechamp.co.uk
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    Hi there Nick,

    You just got a PM in your inbox from me, I don't wanna share all my twitter accounts in public.

    The one I sent you have been running on autopilot for quite some time now. The beauty of this is it's a one-time setup, it takes 5-15 minutes to do depending on your mouse&keyboard skills.

    I hope you find it useful
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    do you offer a service doing this for people for a fee? If yes pm pls
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    No, my company doesn't do that, we do web/print and desktop software.

    But I guess it shouldn't be to hard to find someone to do it, such as a Virtual Assistant-service or similar.

    I hope you find someone to do it for you! Outsource more!

    Anyone here running a VA-business that might offer this as a service?
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    Twitterfeed is great. It can be quirky though.
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    Not to mention learning how to use Yahoo Pipes... especially building those automatic retweets per keyword took me some time. They are great to have though, gets lots of "thanks for retweet" and adds to the accounts visibility on the network.
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    If I may ask, what kind of ROI have you seen?
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    Originally Posted by precious007 View Post

    1) What would you do with 70,000+ followers?
    2) Will the account remain active? Won't it be flagged?
    3) What use are all those followers if they're automatically added?

    Unfortunately, I've been there and I can say that this is called BlueFart and in fact most accounts of this type will soon get flagged and later closed.

    That is not how ethical twitter marketing works :-)
    1. Drive traffic, make money... i guess thats up to everyones own personal goals and creativity
    2. If you provide value through your account (yes, you don't have to add some affiliate product feed, you can actually add something of value such as a news feed) there is no reason for it to be flagged and this hasn't happened to me either. As I mentioned clearly, don't use it to spam.
    3. Did you consider the possibility that followers search and find information on twitter and then follow that account? Again, if you provide valuable information either by manually copy/pasting URL's from your favorite blogs and sharing them on twitter or setting up a system that does that automatically, the followers are just as "useful" as any other followers.

    Interested to hear more about your opinion as to why this wouldn't be a way to provide valuable information to the twitter network. Please share your thoughts about the ethical/non ethical marketing. I'm listening
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  • Profile picture of the author Manfred Ekblad
    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

    Off topic...

    I checked out one of your WSO where you are quoting a review of your product which says:

    "Templates method:
    Black hat but does give full instructions on how to create the templates and get them promoted."

    I find your way of thinking about ethical/non ethical marketing intriguing. Thank's for your input!
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  • Profile picture of the author tribros
    Nice tutorial. I'll try it also but I have a question - How long did it take you to have 70,000+ followers? Did you only used the above method to get those followers?
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      I attempted to set this up. I will wait and see if it helps adding followers.

      I am not sure I did this right, but we will see.
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    Just to note...this is from Twitter over the last day or so...

    “If your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates,” say Twitter, your account could be suspended for spamming.
    So don't forget to mix in some of your own tweets to be safe.
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  • Profile picture of the author J. Scott Systems
    Manfred thanks for the step by step instructions.
    I will give this a shot and see what happens.

    -- Jonathan

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    Hi, I did your method and I got everything to work (pipes was a real pain), but their was a glitch in the addnewfollowers.com and now my username is gone, but it says my account already exists??? Do you know how I can find it? The first time around I had a HUGE list of accounts to choose from now I have done? Did I do something wrong? Everything else worked Great! Thanks!

    recruiting duty suggestions appreciated
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    Thanks for the great Twitter education
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    Thanks Manfred...

    Nice Sharing...

    Love the Humanity...:)

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