KW Has 5 Organic Results, Exact and 8 Sponsored

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I'm searching in Google with the quotation marks and it came up with 5 results, but there are 8 sponsored results on the paid right side.

Would this travel key word be a good Adsense site? I should have this in the Adsense Topic? Sorry if it's in the wrong topic!

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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    adsense sites need to be based around keywords with a lot of searches.
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      You've got little to lose by giving it a shot.

      I would suggest researching some related keywords in the same niche that might also be possible.

      Pick a domain that includes the most common theme of all your keywords then write some content for each one.

      By doing this even if THIS particular keyword doesn't get any traffic, you increase your chances of traffic to your site based on the other keywords.

      Also, make sure those sponsored ads are very relevant before you act.

      Good luck dude!

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        Thanks Joshua and landonwiggs.

        This is what I've got. The 1st KW of 3, has 101 Million broad/ 2 Mil. exact in G's Tool.

        The 2nd KW in the domain, has 37 Mil. broad/ 368K exact.

        The 3rd KW in the name, 2 or 11 Million broad/ 18K or 165K exact, with or without the "s" plural.

        I already have owned the domain. With all of the above.........I did the search in Google SE with the quotes and that's when I saw 5 results organic, and 8 paid. (relevant)'s a travel domain name.

        ?? I'm thinking I've never flipped a site before or sold a domain, but is this a good candidate for building?

        Millions of searches in the tool......and then 5 results in Google? (with quotes).... ??

        It's the 5 that baffles me. I'm really not too experienced....just lots of learning. And I'm just trying to focus and take some action... put the books away...... etc.... anyhow, thanks for your input! I really appreciate it. p.s. $4 Josh?? I think i'll pm you.!
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