Do you publish a weekly/monthly newsletter for your subscribers?

by awmi
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During the early phase of Internet Marketing, there was a huge emphasis on capturing email addresses of visitors to your site, creating an opt-in list, sending out a weekly or biweekly newsletter and building loyalty.

Some of the earlier marketers (Cory Rudl, Terry Dean, Jim Daniels, Dr Ralph Wilson, Marlon Sanders, Michel Fortin) had quality content for their newletters while other just recycle others people's work.

I am curious to know if you actively publish a newsletter for your subscriber and how successful is your upselling to that list.

Do you "rent" your list for joint ventures? Do you sell ad space in your newsletter?
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    I actually just email my subscribers when I've got something to say. I rarely sell to them. If I do promote something to them it's because I actually believe in that product.

    I don't rent out the list or sell any ad space on it. I value the relationship I have with my list because it's a good one. I respect them and they respect me.

    Hope that helps.

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    I publish a newsletter. It goes out roughly every two weeks, but there is no set schedule. It's all original content and has won awards, been written about in books and magazines, and I earn a good portion of my living from it. I sometimes do joint ventures, but with this list I don't send solo ads. I do sell ad space in it though.

    I have other lists, but your question was about content newsletters so I'll stick to that.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      I have one list that is just for my monthly newsletter and is why people sign up to that list. I don't directly promote through my newsletter. Most of the stuff I right about is either free products/tools.

      I have found that with normal list mailing a lot of people sign up looking for the free stuff and un-subscribe as soon as nothing interesting comes there way.

      With my newsletter I find people are more open to random inserts from off-topic products. I think its down to peoples perception of media you expect to find adverts and random articles in a magazine. So why not in a newsletter.

      Last I checked I get around 4% higher conversion with my newsletter than my list.
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    It all depends on which list you are talking about. If the people signed up for a daily tip, then you send them a daily tip. If they signed up for a weekly newsletter, then you send them a weekly newsletter. If you have something important to say or worthwhile to pitch, then you do so, but never abuse your list by sending out a bunch of crap hoping that some of it sticks. Treat your list with kit gloves and it will be profitable for you. Abuse them and your trust factor goes out the window.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    • Profile picture of the author All Night Cafe
      My partner and I in a certain niche do a twice monthly
      newsletter. We give new content only.

      We sell in it at the second writing in the month. It's
      very exclusive in our trust for each other. They trust
      us and we don't use any other marketer's content.

      We have done JV's in the past, and will do again,
      probally mid year.
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    Thanks for the responses. Very enlightening.

    I guess the purpose of a list has changed a bit since the days of "the money is in the list." Those days the list was cherished but subjected to frequent offers and JVs.

    So I guess the list is not necessarily created solely to serve as a "cash cow," true?
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    I never do newsletters . I end emails to my list . Is this the best model ?

    For me it is .

    Now Dennis Gaskill isn't blowing smoke about his newsletter . If I were to do one ... his format would be tempting to copy :-)

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