Ideas to start business/earn profit? I can have $5k, IF I can find a way to profit with it

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It's possible I can get a loan from a friend of up to $5,000, but only if I can find a way to make a profit from it or start a business with it that will turn a profit. I've been brain storming, but thought it would be cool to start a brain storm topic on WF as my mind is going in too many weird directions.

What are some ideas? If you could get up to $5k, tomorrow, how would you use it to turn a profit? Would you find a product to distribute locally? Find a local product to distribute internationally? Start some kind of service? Pay someone to build you some kind of online business?

What are some good ideas? In your opinion, what would be the smartest way to use $5,000?
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    Your going to get answers of different kinds.

    Personally, I would focus on doing what I
    know and what I'm good at. The only other
    time I would try something "different", is if
    I was just starting out as an entrepreneur
    finding something that worked for me.

    But, in my case, since I know IM (I would
    like to think) and real estate, I would stick
    with those two...because that's the biz
    models I love doing business in.

    Also, yes...I would use much of the funds
    for leverage to outsource and start a new
    income stream online, buy an established
    website, and buy rental real estate

    I won't dare tell you not to take the 5k and
    invest if you KNOW where you want to go
    with it, but if not...unless you look forward
    to loosing a friend, don't take the money
    UNTIL you have a solid plan.

    Good Luck Bro.
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    I would deposit it to my forex account. Friend would be rightfully very worried but that is the only ting I could come up with.

    I do have some web development projects that needs to be done but It would be long term before and if there will be any profit from them.

    It is always difficult to invest money, if you want more profit you have to take more risk and how much risk you would take with borrowed money?
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    1.start with what you are passionate and efficient at doing.
    2.brain storm your surround to see what people need and invest in resources that met their need and they will thank you in cash.
    3.look for service business to engage in and help company to avoid lost e.g internet marketing consultant

    hope this help.
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    Never barrow money from a friend if you don't have to. If things go south, so will your friendship.
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    In my humble opinion, borrowing $5,000 is downright silly when you can pretty much begin for free... then re-invest your own profits later on. All of my IM expenses have been funded by IM earnings.
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