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Can anyone give some advice on how to handle the "not enough data" when doing keyword research on the google adword tool. I have many potential keywords they give this message. It will give the local monthly amount but not the global monthly amount.

What are the additional steps I need to take to get an accurate monthly search amount. Thanks

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    I call them NEDs. If the amount in the other column is low, I wouldn't generally go for those keywords, unless they fit naturally into the topic of my site, in which case I certainly wouldn't exclude them. I think a lot of people pass those over completely, so I don't think they should be discarded out of hand. You might find a little success with them, which will build your confidence to try keywords with higher search counts and higher competition.
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    Also keep in mind the global count is an average of the previous 12 months whereas the local is one recent month, so the keyword could be something relatively new that doesn't have a year of history. Although that's just conjecture - could be a totally different reason.
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    There may not be global traffic if you are using a local related keyword. For instance if you are using long tail local business keyword such as "Bob's coffee house and blown glass trinkets" you will probably not get global search volume because only local people know Bob's place exists.
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    sometimes they are great. take new product names for example, they are new so there is not enough data. they are very targeted, the competition is generally low and if you can get ranked for them ahead of time you can cash in.

    If you are ranked for product xyz and then a commercial comes on tv about it you know you will get some traffic.

    or if you are ranked for cpa offer abc and then all the spammers blast them out all over the internet then when people start googling the product name to see what it is all about your site will come up

    and so on...

    IMO if you can spot potential in a kw it can be worth going for even if your kw tool doesn't say your going to get traffic from it.

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