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I thought I was reading something in here that interested me and wanted some further clarification. If I cannot get a domain such as weightloss.com that has a super keyword can I bypass that by getting a domain like healthwatch.org and then adding a subdomain with the term weight loss in it? And if I do that will I still have some good ranking potential with the subdomain? Please advise and thanks!
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    Having your keyword in your domain name is not as important now as it once was. You can certainly pick healthwatch.com and you do not need to have a weightloss subdomain. Just optimize the content of your webpages for your targeted keywords (include the keyword in the title, meta keywords and meta description) and it will be all good.
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    Instead of "weightloss.healthwatch.org" how about weightlossresults.com, weightlossguide.com, weightlosstips.com, weightlossnow.com, provenweightloss.com, weightlosspath.com?
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      Originally Posted by awmi View Post

      Instead of "weightloss.healthwatch.org" how about weightlossresults.com, weightlossguide.com, weightlosstips.com, weightlossnow.com, provenweightloss.com, weightlosspath.com?

      Good suggestions - at least you've also stated keywords that are easy to remember.

      That's the importance of having a domain, it should create that "recall" to get through your website. So the more you create good contents in it, the better you'll get remembered too.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I was actually asking wondering about doing a site with many different issues such as health-and putting them all under a health umbrella website. I thought as far as options I could add pages for adsense earnings and affiliate earnings all still falling under the general health umbrella. Does that make sense? Then just seo each page I add based on whatever keyword I am going for........so now I am not really clear if a few suggestions were to do a separate url for each page or not?
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    Wouldn't that also be better way to start since I can add pages and they all link back to my main domain?
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    Hi guys

    i am ranking on the second page for the term make money online and my domain doesn't have any of those words in the domain.

    So it really doesn't matter what is important is having your pages keyword rich and then backlinking them in a variety of ways.

    kind regards

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      Well, if you choose "weight loss" in your domain name, you're pretty much limited only around weight loss - but weight loss itself is more complex - so if you choose something more general - you could add more of related content as well. Like detox for example.

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    Create one generic domain then create a folder with keyword instead of subdomain.

    For example:

    That way your main site will will be seen as an authority site in the eyes of search engines and not too bad from visitors point of view too.
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    If you are going to rely solely or heavily on search engine traffic, it is always best to get a domain name with the exact keyword that you are targeting for.

    In my experience, putting the keywords as a sub folder name or a sub domain name is not really a good idea. It can work, but you will be working much, much, and did i say much harder in your SEO efforts to rank well. Adding an extra words in the domain also lessens your chances to rank well for the original domain.

    If you have the choice, you might be better off choosing/finding another keyword which first level domain is available
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