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The end-result question:
Say you wanted to test a product on paydotcom for a one time payment of $167 with monthly updates for $14.95. The monthly updates being positioned as a free bonus for the first 30 days.

Your plan is to pay most of the first payment for the product (at least $100-$125 of the $167) out as commission and enjoy the monthly continuity to yourself.

How would you configure your product and commission structure using paydotcom?

What I've done so far:
Maybe I'm dense today but I'm a little confused. The best I can tell, I set 14.95 as the recurring price, $167.00 as the trial amount, and 30 days as the trial period.

That appears to work but on the affiliate page, it gives the price as 14.95 and mentions the $125 commission for every sale.

Ultimately I'm concerned with whether or not the system will calculate the one time payment of $125 and have that be the end of it (good) or if $125 will be calculated "as owed" to the affiliate for every time the customer is billed on their $14.95 subscription (not good at all).

Any thoughts or ideas on how to put this together for a one time commission payout would be most appreciated.
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    Woah. Plently of lookers but no response?

    Maybe I wasn't making sense.

    How about this:
    Have you offered a flat amount based (not percentage based) commission on a subscription sold through paydotcom?

    If so, is that commission a one time amount or was that commission owed over and over again?

    I won't be offended if someone sends me a link to a f.a.q. but I'm not seeing info on this anywhere. I know I couldn't possibly be the first person to ever try it.

    Many thanks!
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