Content Creation - Am I getting It Wrong?

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Hi fellow warriors,

I've had a long conversation with a customer just a couple of hours ago.

Here is the problem.

I have tried to explain my customer that creating and distributing valuable content, that appeals to all major human senses -seeing, hearing, thinking is the best way to create meaningful SEO campaign.

What I am referring to is, that if you create a massive amount of visual, auditory and written content, based on well researched keywords, your chances of capturing the attention of your prospects and customers increases exponentially.

It's a simple formula - Grab Attention+Hold Attention=Sales

Yet, my customer tried to convince me, that creating just average quality content, she was referring to 300-400 word articles, and distributing it for the sake of getting "backlinks", is sufficient in itself.

Yet, I am wondering the following:

1.Who has a wallet in its pocket - the "backlinks" and the search engines or your prospects?
2. If your prospects come across a poor quality content, with your contact details in the resource box, would they follow the links to your websites?
3. People's attention span nowadays is more than short, so if you offer just one type of content, where your prospect has to waste 5-7 minutes to get the information, what chances do you stand capturing its attention? How about saving your prospect some time and offering Video or Audio(podcasts)?

Am I getting it wrong, or do you also believe that content shall be created only to please mighty Google and the rest of the gang?

Please share your thoughts.
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    In the spirit of service and karma, i believe that every site,blog,article should offer something useful to the visitors.

    With that said, even if you have created a site/article/blog specifically for backlinks, every of those site/article/blog that you have created has the potential to attract lots of readers/visitor. So i think its always worth the extra effort to give the readers/visitors what the came for.
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