How do i verify my wordpress site on google webmaster? - NIGHTMARE!

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I need to verify my self hosted wordpress site on google web master tools can you help? I have read there explanation and tried several times but i just cant get it to work!
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    I used the Meta Tag manager plug in (a quick google search gets you there) and it worked fine for the webmaster meta code thing.
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    Or simply place the line of (meta) code given to you by G. into the header.php of your theme - above the the closing </head> tag.

    Can't be simpler than that.

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    I also go the meta tag route.

    1. Copy the meta tag code provided
    2. Login to your wordpress account
    3. Go to Appearance > Editor
    4. Click Header (header.php) on the right hand side
    5. Paste the code anywhere above </head>

    That should be it. Hopefully, your settings allows you to edit files directly from wordpress.
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    I know EXACTLY how to fix this problem. I've dealt with it before.

    In your wordpress admin, install the plugin called robots txt.

    The robots .txt file doesn't add any automatic no follow tags to prevent bots from indexing page, unless you specify so.

    In this plugin you have the option to insert your webmasters code.

    Once you put in in there, you should be able to verify NO PROBLEM

    Robots txt plugin for wordpress.
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    Use the meta tag option, here are step by step instructions. You don't need a plugin for this, that is silly.
    1. Open up Wordpress admin
    2. Appearance
    3. Editor
    4. Choose header file
    5. Add the meta tag they give you on the line above </head>
    6. Save
    Simple as that.

    Don't get hooked on using a plugin for everything, be a webmaster not a mouse.

    I'm all about that bass.

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    I use the html file.

    Just download the html file by clicking on the drop down and saving the file they create.

    Upload that file to the root of your site where your wordpress is stored.

    Give it a minute and then verify.

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    thanks all. sorted thanks to NINAL
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