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I haven't seen art affiliate marketing being talked about much here. I went to art .com and barewalls and their affiliate programs pay 20% on both $25 unframed posters and $150 framed posters. These are pretty good pay outs.

Has anyone here had any experience with art posters affiliate marketing?
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    Haven't tried it yet. Maybe that's a good one.
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    No, actually, I haven't touched those either but if I was going into an art niche I would probably go with as they offer a lot of variety.
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    Pretty aggressive commission rate, but probably not a huge market for it.
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    All are valid points:
    1) You need passion for the niche
    2) It needs to have a big enough market
    3) It needs to have a solid affiliate program

    Sounds like a direction to explore!
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Hey, you gave me an idea!

    I'm starting a poster selling site, so maybe I could put them in there too, get some money off of that!

    I haven't tried it yet, probably because it isn't too popular, but I'm going to start.
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