Wordpress theme-what exactly does this mean?

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I'm still looking at Wordpress themes, and need some help interpreting this info from a designer who has some very nice ones that are low-cost. This is a company I've seen recommended on this forum.

Anyway, among the features of the themes is that they are "advertisement ready." I wrote the designer an email asking what this meant exactly, especially in terms of adsense.

He wrote back:

The ad management that comes with the theme only works with static banner images (not adsense). But you can always add your adsense code to a custom text widget in your sidebar/footer instead.

What I want to know is what "static banner images" actually means. My own ideas are a little fuzzy. Otherwise, I understand that I only have to get an adsense widget to add adsense to the site.

It took him almost 24 hours to answer my first email, so I'm asking here on this forum instead of writing him back.

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    Hi Catherine

    'Advertisement ready' means that the theme has been built specifically with blocks/blank spaces to insert your own or affiliate ads

    'Static banner ads' are basically graphic ads (banners/squares) that are hyperlinked to the destination sales/landing page

    A non-static ad, like adsense, is basically an ad that uses code to 'pull' information (text/graphics) from somewhere else and is inserted so that the ad is dynamic, ie once the code is in your theme, then the ad shows whatever the provider chooses, such as dynamically updating adsense, or webhosting that may decide to have a special offer, you would not have to change anything as the code you inserted 'pulls in' whatever the provider chooses

    Hope that helps

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      Many products that allow affiliate sales will provide graphics for their affiliates to use. (Take a look at some Clickbank products and click on the affiliate link at the bottom of the sites).

      You can usually download these graphics to your computer and then insert them into your own site (and add a hyperlink with your affiiliate code)

      You should notice that these graphics tend to come in standard sizes - for example, 160 x 640 pixels, or 120 x 120 pixels.

      This designer is just telling you that their wordpress theme contains boxes that will allow you to upload a standard sized graphic. For example, they may have made the sidebar 160 px wide.

      I wouldn't worry too much about a theme being "advert" ready, as any graphic or adsense code can be added into a sidebar widget.

      Just choose any theme you like and check to see if either:
      a) the sidebar(s) are the correct width for your chosen block of adsense or affiliate graphic, or
      b) you can adjust the width of the sidebars to your requirements
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    I feel your pain, Catherine, sometimes experienced people don't know how to talk to non-techie, or inexperienced people.

    In short, static-banner ad management simply means you'll be able to better manage simple graphic ads that look the same every time the page reloads... unlike dynamic ads (like Google) that can change with every page view, or from page to page. You can even sell static banner ad space to others who have a graphic ad banner they want to advertise on your site.

    Static Banner Ad Management sounds more complicated than it really is...

    Rather than coding the image space into the actual page design, they're using an ad management widget so you can add/change/remove graphic banners from a simple ad management interface in the WP back office.

    Hope that helps,
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    As usual, this is the best forum for getting quick, helpful answers.

    Thanks to all.


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    WordPress is very easy to learn. You could probably learn enough in a couple of hours to fire your designer. Even if you want to keep your designer it would be a good idea to at least know how to build a WordPress site so you know if your designer is ripping you off. You could also make some tweeks yourself without waiting on your designer for every change. If you want, PM me and I'll give you a free, basic version of the course in my sig.

    John P
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