Updating my IM book and I need your help.

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I wrote a book about Affordable Advertising on the Internet about 4 years ago and it's time for me to update it. If you know of any sites that allow you to advertise your business for $50USD or less, please let me know about it. Post the site to this thread or PM me. I have some sites, but I'd love to add some more. I don't mean PPC. I mean something that people can buy once and pay $50 USD or less for it. It can be a text ad, a banner ad, a membership site that lets people advertise, a blog, anything that people can advertise there business on for $50 USD. The only requirement is that it has to be online. It's okay if it's online and they make a print version of whatever it is, but it must have an online component. Whoever sends me the link will get credit in the book. Thanks.
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