Facebook Ad Dissproval (Again!) Please Help

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Hey Warriors,

I am having an impossible time trying to get Facebook to
approve my first ad.

The only thing they tell me (in the dissapproval reason) is to please
look at sections 2 & 4 of ther advertising policy - which I have done
and have no clue what is in violation.

Can someone knowledgable please take a look at the following
AD and landing (sandwhich) page, and let me know what
they think the problem is?

Image of the AD:


Landing/Sandwhich Page:

How Tiny 1-Page Websites Can Make You Money

Thank you VERY for any help,
#dissproval #facebook
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    I've had trouble sometimes when I get someone that I perceive to be new or just ill informed reviewing my ads. I just wait a day or so and submit at a different time of day and they generally go through.
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      Facebook doesn't like make money sites from my understanding. They view a lot of those sites as get rich quick schemes and will disapprove them. You may want to try submitting them in a day to see if you get a new person. You still run the chance of getting the add disapproved later on even if you get that ad through.
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        "User experience" is one thing...

        But it can't be the ONLY thing when the primary income
        for these companies is US.

        I would love to tear 'Surgey' a new one.

        ...OK, done now. :0)
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    Try it without the picture. Who knows what they are thinking. I've had trouble with them too. Makes no sense.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    Man between Google (they just banned me for no legitate reason - I sell my own products...YAY!) and Facebook... one can feel just a tad bit or 'rage'...

    I'm about to start going offline and using more traditional direct marketing media. If you ask me the policies of these companies are unamerican and borderline fashism..

    Is there still a 'class action lawsuit' building against Google? For banning people without telling them how to fix their problems?

    'Nough rant for now.

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    I read this post and it helped me out quite a bit with my FB advertising... especially the part that says:

    One of the easiest things to miss in the guidelines is to put the name of the product you are promoting in the ad copy, this always tends to get my ads approved.

    I don't know if that's your problem or not... but it might be.
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    You need to make mention of the fact registration is required to get the guide in your description.
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