In Your Opinion Favorite Way To Get Traffic?

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Ok I know there are many different ways to get traffic free and paid. I have tried many but not all methods out there. Some worked awesome and some not so good. I would like to gain a little insight from others before I launch my next campaign. I generally promote Clickbank products, CPA and also some MLM offers. Pms are welcome. What do you like and what has worked best for you and why?

Thanks in advance!

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    By far Article Marketing is the best free traffic source that I have discovered and it work. Though the result might not be immediate but it can bring you some traffic that could last till the end of the site life even beyond.

    This is the main source of all my online promotion.
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        You Tube comments work great as well!

        THE NUT!
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    I prefer using Email Marketing Software.It could track the open ratings, very open time and open link..So, I can target at more specific user.
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    I personally love seo because it is automated. With the right keywords, you can easily gotten over 10,000 traffic every single day.

    Blog commenting seems like a tedious chore... how much time did you guys work on blog commenting and what are the immediate traffic you guys are getting?
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        Originally Posted by dannyadams View Post

        SEO is automated until Google takes it away. SEO makes you a slave to Google.
        Absolutely false unless your site provides nothing to the reader. Thats the problem with using SEO for adsense and affiliate markets. If you just go for the click through and provide nothing else on your ultra mini site then you get almost no return traffic. If you are smart about it and build out a niche that is larger than one product that people actually want to come back for more information or content then Google can drop you like a rock and you still get return visits and traffic from those people referring your site to others.

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  • I would have to say JV's and ad swaps but there are heaps.

    Anything that converts really well really lol
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    I am a newbie and I can't share much relevant opinion on you guys but your insights have been very informative.... Thank you.... Might as well jump to the next room where I can relate more..... lol.....
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    article marketing for free traffic and paid content ads on the niche relevant sites. But no matter what, build that list and you than have instant traffic and repeat traffic.
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      I know some people mention things like JV's and adswaps but I'm sure you have to be a relatively experienced marketer to get the most out of them. For those of us who aren't (yet) but can write well, article marketing is great to make a start with.

      Unique, Well Written Articles By Native English Speaker - CLICK HERE

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    I think article marketing and agree that it does take some time, but it is definitely worth the wait.

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    Freelance Writer,
    Social Site

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    Driving targeted traffic via Google search pays the bills (and then some).

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    Any way I can get it

    Actually, the easiest way I know how to is through article marketing.
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    You can manipulate it. There are legitimate, though unintended ways, of getting free traffic. I posted an article titled,

    This Traffic Tip Sucks, Just Don't Abuse It.

    (or something like that), which gives an example. I'm always looking for, or developing, little secret ways like that, and then combining them, even, for greater effect.

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    Long Term- SEO
    Short Term- Craigslist, PPC
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    article marketing is my answer to both free and paid methods
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    Organic Google Search Engine Traffic is just one of the ways I like to get traffic now that I finally got to the first page... It was fun trying to get there, now its going to be fun trying to stay there and move up even higher.

    Otherwise, blog commenting and article marketing are my 2 other favorite ways to get traffic.

    YouTube Video Marketing is a plus too.
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    Definitely Organic traffic is the best, but this takes times, especially in high competition niches.

    Article marketing works fine, but can be tedious if you have to sit an write all the articles yourself. I think article marketing is most effective if you can afford to have this outsourced.

    As for my favorite method, I would have to say it's social media. Do not underestimate the power of websites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.... they can be a great source of getting quick targeted traffic. Facebook fan pages are awsome sources of traffic, especially if your page goes viral : )
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    It depends whether you want traffic fast, or whether you want it consistent and longer term.

    The best traffic, is to build a targetted subscriber list, then you can market to it whenever you want, and it's almost guaranteed traffic.

    Obviously people will argue the hard part is in building the list, which I agree can be hard, but it's beneficial to do so for longer term income. (repeat buyers etc)

    Free traffic generation methods do work, but more often than not, if you want fast instant traffic, you're best bet is solo ads, ppc, ad swaps! :-)
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    PPC can be good long term traffic, aslong as you don't blow you're monthly spend in your first few days through bidding too high.

    Use PPC wisely then it will be a great source of traffic
    "I've Banked Over $350k Online With This..." - Click here to see my no.1 recommendation!
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    Hi, here are some things that you can do:

    article writing, article submission (with resource box redirecting to your page), blog commenting, forum posting, social bookmarketing, social media sites.


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    Video marketing with youtube being the number one site for video marketing.

    Marketing Laser Glasses

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    has anyone tried the 'traffic ultimatum' product by George Brown and if so, have you tried the You TUbe method and if so, how are they both working out for you?

    I am thinking of getting it but the info seems somewhat regurgitated.
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    What has worked for me best are social networking (Twitter, Posterous), video marketing (YouTube, Viddler, and forum posting.

    I also would like to thank the Warriors Forum for giving such good amounts of new visitors regularly. It's a blessing to be here to both help people and do business.
    Follow me on my 90 Day Challenge to rank no. 1 on Google
    Connect with me at:
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    If you want to spend some money, then go for a PPC campaign or a paid campaign in Facebook.
    If not, then trust search engine optimization and build some good backlinks.
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    I like article marketing because articles can bring me free and targeted traffic. Maybe there are other traffic resources which can bring me targeted traffic, but I'm a newbie and I don't have much to spend, so free traffic is especailly important to me at the moment.
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    Article marketing and video marketing (viral video distribution with the help of Web 2.0 site and bookmarking). Both take time and effort, but also bring tons of traffic.
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    I would say article marketing is the #1 traffic builder. When you tweet content twitter is a close second.

    Articles help to position yourself as an authority. When properly written prospects will want to learn more about your opportunity. Consistency and keywords are key. Be prolific and get the keyword density and placement down. Before I had a clue about marketing I ranked 1st on google for a few of my niche keywords and it was the power of articles.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Joining giveaways is a great way to build your list and generate traffic. The only issue is that there are some freebie hounds that sometimes give fake info. but that is a minor issue compared to the bigger picture. Give your list some quality content, build your brand(name) and you will have cash on demand.

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      Wow! I never thought I would get such a great response your making my head spin! I am still undecided about my next campaign. I saw an interesting post on traffic software? Any ideas automation sounds good!

      Thanks, THE NUT!
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    Personally I like Google PPC both content and search network. I like the fact that u can turn it on and off like a tap. The trick is to be creative with keyword research so that you don't lose your shirt!!

    Please read the sig file rules

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    Hi, friend.
    My the best way to get real traffic is PPC advertisement. But, try instead GOOGL other

    Network. It calls AdBrite. Very easy to sign up and set up camping.
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    I like blog commenting, YouTube videos and video commenting and using Aweber to build a list and then send prewritten emails to your list.
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    Well I like the way that gets me the most traffic and that differs for each website

    Site #1 - Videos

    Site #2 - Google/Search Engines

    Site #3 - Niche Market Websites

    My favorite way is the way I get the most free, targeted traffic

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    1. Article Marketing

    When you write articles you want to build credibility and trust and offering your customers free, useful information that is relevant will do exactly that. Customers will respect you for offering them information that is relevant without necessarily coercing them to buy something from you or visiting your website.

    Some authors have become experts in this field that they are considered authority figures in their own industry, simply because they took the time to write relevant, informative articles and article marketing worked out for them. You may not become an authority figure in your field but you can get your articles pulling large traffic to your website which eventually is the whole idea.

    2. Video Marketing

    If you are not using video in your marketing efforts you need to start doing so now. Using video online is a great way to build relationships, and drive sales to your websites. People like to buy from people they know, like, and trust. It is very easy to build that trust online when you are using video. People can actually see your face and know who you are.

    3. PPC (Best Paid Method )

    Can be very profitable if done correctly!

    Kind Regards,

    PLR Products Blowout - Get 31,500+ PLR Products: Ebooks, Articles, Software, Plugins, Scripts, Videos, Templates And Graphics!
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    Personally, when I start a new site/campaign I'll implement SEO to show up on Google Search, then I'll implement article marketing (which forms part of the SEO aspect).

    After that I'll use blog commenting and forum posting with some social bookmarking thrown in for good measure.

    Once I start seeing income after implementing the above I re-invest the profit and use PPC and other paid services to maximise revenue and keep it rolling from there.

    There are a few other techniques I'll use after this point but there my basic method.

    Hope that helps.

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