question on outsourcing.

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does anyone have information about outsourcing?
people either outsource to free up time..
or because they don't know how to do something. correct?

so.. if you don't know how to do something... what are you looking for?
how do you know if the person you are hiring is any good?

i'm looking to hire a web designer/programmer.
what should i be looking out for?

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    Hi Sean,

    Great questions, I can see that you're moving in the right direction!

    You are right, it's not easy to find the right person to do the tasks for you, especially when you don't know exactly what that task is. I sure do understand that it can be quite overwhelming for anyone to get started with outsourcing, people tell me that all the time.

    I can imagine you are thinking about: will they deliver quality? will they deliver on time? will the price be right?

    Well, don't let anyone stop you on your path to success! Keep learning, just like me

    When you hire a web designer/programmer you should, as a minimum, ask to see a portfolio, references, previous and current projects.

    Besides the basic skill set and talents which you should expect them to have, also evaluate their communication skills and motivation. Watch out for those solo freelancers who will work on 20 projects all at once and keep delaying your project just because you aren't the one paying the most.

    I'm happy to help you, just add me on Skype (link to the left).

    Good luck, I'm sure 2010 will be a great year for you!
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    My advice is always be VERY careful out sourcing. Like mentioned before make sure you can get the following:

    - see a portfolio
    - see reviews/testimonials
    - make sure there is no language barrier and they deeply understand the project before paying.

    I have had the rookie experience of hiring people overseas (which isn't always a bad idea). Though they work for much cheaper, sometimes the language can become an issue. Make sure you can communicate well with the person through multiple sources. There are plenty of freelancers out there, do research and chooses wisely.

    i pledge to thank your replies and educational posts and hope you will do the same for me!

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      thanks guys. i posted a thread in the 'for hire' section here.
      let me see what happens.
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    Hi Sean,

    As I always say, outsourcing has its pros and cons. You need to ask all the necessary information to make sure that you have found the right one. Ask samples and client references. I suggest to hire a company instead of a freelancer.

    Staff leasing is better than freelance work because leased staff are permanent workers of a company and are easy to reach in case you need them. Freelancers do not have employers so they do as they please and sometimes cannot be contacted for various reasons.

    For the most part, freelance work entails irregular working hours. Although a little pressure motivates the freelancer to keep up, the quality of work expected is compromised. Since freelancers are self-employed, they are naturally in the pursuit of more projects to sustain them. As this is a good motivation, it also limits the freelancer to devote all his mind and time to a project.

    If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We have an experienced developer who can definitely help you out.
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    Hi Sean,

    I'm also glad to help you by giving you few insights about outsourcing.

    Firstly, the reason why people outsource is because they would want to maximize the tasks that they need within the business - particularly, enhance on such tasks that they lack performance or sometimes people wouldn't want to waste so much time on repetitive tasks where they should be focusing on the "earning" targets.

    I, myself has decided to outsource my business needs because I spend 12 hours daily in front of the computer where the biggest part of my time were from checking emails, processing credit cards, releasing products, etc. - then I thought it's better for me to plan on how will I be focusing on the earning aspects such as creating my own product, videos, and better my mastermind program to teach people and also earn much. But, that wouldn't be possible at all alone! Outsourcing has been the key for me to find my "team" of experts who would be helping me do the admin tasks (checking and filtering emails, customer support), SEO (article writing, uploads and submissions), programming (maintaining my websites, backing up) and also graphic design. Now, that's the essence of outsourcing. You have to determine first what do you lack or what do you have to maximize within your business needs.

    You could also check on my sig to find out more about the basics of outsourcing especially hiring your virtual staff from the Philippines. I highly recommend them because they're both loyal, hardworking and also trustworthy when it comes to giving you the service that you need. But at the end of the day, all will still depend on your right choices.

    There are tips on how you could find, shortlist and contact the candidates inside so be sure to see them out.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.
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      this is very interesting. I need someone to design a character for me and i want to outsource it on odesk, but it is quite scary.
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    Oh you think any person hire freelancer because they don’t know anything about the job;
    your idea is wrong.

    Most people are looking for freelancers because they have much more effective and good earning options.

    So they make the freelancer do some time consuming jobs. If you are hiring a web designer you should be clear about your own desire or need so that you can clarify the freelancer about your need.
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    reasons for outsourcing?
    1. You can hire some Technical people (Indians) for less $$ than domestic techies
    2. Free up a lot of your time (outsourcing marketing work)
    3. Keep more and more profit (no pension/tax/social security/benefit) for any outsource workers.

    I'd say outsourcing is the 8th wonder of the world
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