Gorrilla Millions

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Does anyone know of 'Gorilla Millions'

I received an email today saying this:

What an amazing Payplan! I've earned 100% commissions
on all my direct referrals last month! And, they will
pay me again this month even if I won't have any
personal referrals!

Yes! Earning without recruiting in the real sense.
All you have to do is to stay as active member for at
least two months and you will be given a share of the
pie on your second month! Huge share!

While you don't need to refer anyone to earn, you
will get unlimited income if you will go into
referring too! Nope, not just unlimited income, but
an income that you can control how much and when you
want to get it!

I don't remember signing up to receive emails but I wondered if anyone had joined them and if it as good as they are making out?

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