$756.38 Check Arrived, My Troubles & Feelings. I'm Sorry.

by EA
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I'm really sorry for writing this but after saying my prayers tonight I just couldn't go to sleep. The truth is I procrastinated a lot. I also had problem dealing with information overload. I manage to conquer it step by step by designing a system and soon I started to do stuff and earn money online.

The feeling going to the bank to cash the check it's like being on top of the world... I have gone through troubles and overcome different things.. And to be honest I have feelings, real feelings.. It's hard to admit this but I have tears in my eyes right now when writing this, it touch my feelings.

I really was going to throw this post in the recycle bin and just delete it because of being ashamed posting this here and telling people I'm crying again but it would be really thankful to get advice from other people here who have gone through this phase "inaction" is. How do you keep moving forward? Is it the desire, goals, dreams, the mindset or the purpose? what drives you every single day to take action and just keep going forward...

We are all humans, we all go through our troubles and finally we all have feelings and people who care about others and are willing to give these are the people I appreciate so much. I'm honest and I like honest people.

I just can't understand why I'm not making this happen for me. I'm not a quitter. I will never give up it's just really annoying and I know this is all my fault, if I want different results into my life I have to change and start doing different things but then it comes down again to "TAKING ACTION!".

When I think about this. I'm the biggest obstacle. Please post your advice and comments. I'm Sorry. I really need positive people around me and I'm trying to build a new mindset step by step to be able to take action more.

Honestly I fear doing this but I had to do this with tears in my eyes and the pain in my hurt "inaction" is especially when it continues to sabotage myself as a person and the future. You've probably been there so please speak up it would mean the world to me. Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and thanks for reading this. It's time to go to sleep.
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    I don't see too many messages like yours except, occasionally, when I was more involved with list members several years ago. However, I'd bet that more people feel the same way but just don't say anything and it leads to who knows what... like ulcers, or depression.

    But, I'm here to tell you that you are actually very fortunate. Despite what must feel like very heavy feelings and concerns, just look around you. You are surrounded by a wealth of internet marketing knowledge, and a community of support, that far exceeds anything, anywhere on the net. That, right there, is something that ought to give you pause for thought. What you're feeling is the frustration of not being able to put it to use as quickly as you'd like.

    Furthermore, the reasons we (meaning ourselves, and others who try to counsel) tend to assign to frustration, and stagnation, aren't really the reasons at all -- they're usually just the most obvious "component" of the overall "syndrome." The most important things you need to know about this is that...

    1. You have to ACT; however...
    2. Once you act, something in you will "kick back", or oppose, your efforts.

    What very few realize, or teach, is that there are different aspect of ourselves that fall under 3 category headings:

    1. Those aspects of our personality that are very interested in our present aim;
    2. Those aspects of our personality that are extremely opposed to our present aim; and
    3. Those aspects of our personality that don't care either way as long as they aren't required to do too much.

    The difficulty I encountered when trying to help people in your situation is that when I told them what to do, suddenly, the skies would open and they would have every single excuse under the sun as to why they couldn't do what was being told of them.

    Not enough money: There are people who were so up against the wall, in life, that they went out and begged for money. Some people, I would give free hosting and PLR to get them started. But they had other excuses. Money is never the opposing factor: NEVER.

    Not enough time: I understand. I lost my oldest brother last year and have a father with stage IV lung cancer (thank god his doctors say his tumors are shrinking). I have to visit and help him. I also like certain news, sports and TV shows which occupy a lot of my attention. Whenever a friend calls me to go out for dinner, a movie, a concert or a sporting event (I have season tickets to Bruins, and Red Sox, and used to have Celtics), I rarely say no. I have about a dozen nieces and nephews, some have college graduations, others are in major theater productions, others are world-class poker champs who I fly to see when they get close to the final table, and I spent 4 days per week rehearsing and performing in a world class theater venue that has played at the White House many times). Sounds like I'm bragging, huh? But, before today, I never spoke publicly about any of this. My point is that time constraints are never the opposing factor: NEVER.

    I could go on but I hope you get the point. The opposing factor is rarely the obvious. The opposing factor is as simple as it gets: INERTIA. "An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion -- until enacted upon by an external force."

    So, I am an external force.

    Therefore, tell me, in 6-7 sentences, or less, what is it that specifically seems to be holding you back right now? To be clear, I'm not talking about emotions. I'm asking you to say what is immediately keeping you from doing something? Lack of knowledge? Lack of purpose, or aim, or vision? You can't apply a solution to a problem you can't name, so let's hear it.

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    lol tomorrow im getting a check close to $9000 for half a month work, which is less than 10 hrs actual work.
    And ya know what? I want even more. All you have to do is raise your standard/set a new standard. Shift your focus. Give your goal a meaning. ACTION ACTION AND MORE ACTION!... most of all, contribute after you Make IT.

    Search for Tony Robbins videos on youtube, im sure he can help you a lot!
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    Time out. You just received a check for $750 and you're having trouble moving forward or did I read that wrong?

    We all have had the exact same feeling you are going through. You wonder if it's really worth it. All this work you are putting into building a business and you don't know what the outcome will be.

    I went back and forth through action phases and inaction phases through getting to where I am. You have to get to that certain point when you realize that you are in complete control of your destiny. You are the only one who can make this work. Realize that first.

    You can make as much money as you desire from this business. You just have to do it. Keep thinking of what you want to get from all this and think about it as if you already have it. It will help motivate you tremendously.

    The $750 check should be a huge motivator already. Just continue your efforts. Invest that money into outsourcing what you did this past month and focus your time into more of what worked. This way you just doubled your progress. If you are building a business in a certain niche, you are going to get growing results. Each month, the outcome will be greater and greater. Then at a certain point, you just made 10k this month.

    TEESPRING Student Rakes In Over $116k In Less Than 3 Months
    Niche Pro Profits - How I raked in OVER $120k in 9 months with authority niche sites...

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      Originally Posted by petelta View Post

      Invest that money into outsourcing what you did this past month and focus your time into more of what worked. This way you just doubled your progress. If you are building a business in a certain niche, you are going to get growing results. Each month, the outcome will be greater and greater.
      Very true.. Outsourcing is the 9th wonder if the 8th is compound interests, it takes money to make money, and more money to make even more money... it's a snowball effect.
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    Wait i'm confused... you're having question about how to continue your success what?

    Well congratulations first of all. You're right we're all humans and have hard times. I myself have gone through a lot and i still do because i'm not able to reach my expectations and i'm limited by many different factors i don't want to get in to right now.

    I remember when i got my first $500 check. I scanned it, i made several copies and i have it as part of my screen saver. I was so happy that i didn't want to cash in the check. While the check was in my position i received $100 adsense check. I've never been so happy to deposit checks at the bank. I remember the teller asking me what is clickbank and how do you et paid by google?

    Keep it up you can only improve from there.

    Again congratulations!
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      $756.38 Check Arrived, My Troubles & Feelings. I'm Sorry.
      Are you posting this as a joke?

      Probably not, I suspect.

      If you can earn that once, you can earn with the same strategy twice. Not just twice, but more.

      Keep the winning formula going and then try variations on a theme elsewhere. Track and test though!

      I wish you luck - but I don't think that you need luck - just confidence and

      Just my thoughts,

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      • there are well wishers out there that wants what you have, you already have the result man...just wonder what makes you worry...I just can't figure it out, let us hear it
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    Dude....KEEP GOING. Be happy man! that's awesome. Now just do more of it.
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    i think it's ridiculous at your position but i think that's what it is.
    you're suffering from a "is this it?".. with no motivation after one-time success. often happened with Dot Comers who made millions.. that's why it's "ridiculous" at your position who just made less than 1k.

    Similar to why Mark Zuckerberg doesn't sell Facebook, he could have more money then he could really spend in this life time already.. but money does mean little once you got it and have nothing to look forward to.
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      Dear EA,

      I'm confused! You recently started this thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...-thoughts.html

      where you discussed having made $1674+ in the past year and it appears that you've now made another $750.

      If you're still having emotional issues, then you need to get off the forum and get some professional help.
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    Do not feed into this guys. Here is another thread started by EA... http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...-thoughts.html

    Let the thread move into oblivion.

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