Need Advice on a terms of service agreement

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Hi all Warriors

I bought this product yesterday and just read the terms of service
tonight. I really need someone experinced, to take a look at it...
It doesn't look very legal to me after reading it for an hour........

Anyone got a clue on where I can get some advice on it, without
seeing a lawyer or such.? I kinda need it asap.....

Anyone belonging to the forum that might be experienced with this
stuff, I might be able to Pm it to.?

Thanks Much BostonDave
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    Look into this: Website Legal Forms Generator | Mike Young (not an affiliate link)

    Mike Young is an Internet Lawyer so I use his stuff often.

    Stephen Luc - 190+ Wordpress Private Label Videos + Monthly Masterminds.

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    *Read* the terms of service?!?!

    Yowza, that's a new one! =

    Jay Jennings

    PS - Only partly kidding. 1 in 1000 reads them, if that many. You can just click Agree without agreeing to the TOS. In fact, I often state aloud, as I click the Agree button, "By clicking the Agree button, I hereby do not agree with the license!" (click)

    PPS - It's usually not a good idea to ask for legal advice on a forum because you get smart-alec answers or ignorant answers (or both) that probably aren't what you're looking for.
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      Hi Guys Thanks for the input .........................

      Really when I spend 7 or 8 hundred on something I'm reading the terms of service.

      I know most do not, but you should see this one.....The way I think it reads, it has all
      rights to you and your websites and anything you do or post or tell them, and if you
      have any kind of problem, law wise, you have to go to Tialand, or how ever you spell it...
      LOL............. to go to court about it............

      Just all sounds a little fishy to me..... and you all probably, well I'm almost sure everyone in the forum as seen it or bought it from him. I don't want to mention the program until I
      have someone look at it and be sure, I might be wrong. I think "Allen" would know if it's normal or not.......

      Thanks much guys I really appreciate it....Dave...........

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        I'm that 1 in a 1000.... Sometimes I read the TOS before the sales page because it tells me a lot about the seller and the quality of their product.

        Not sure why having to go to Thailand to sue makes something fishy, unless the seller is not in Thailand. And having rights to posts and other things ... there is a reason under copyright law for having that kind of term. For example, if a forum were involved.

        It could be the seller is making use of good legal advice in drafting the terms to whatever product is being referred to.
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          Thanks a lot kindsvater That make me feel a lot more at ease

          I appreciate it the advice or input, or whatever you want to call it.....Laugh

          Thanks Much....Dave

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