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Hi everyone,

I am just starting to learn about affiliate marketing and I had a question about it. Right now, I am reading through Chris Rempel's Confessions of a Lazy Affiliate Marketer. The information about getting into affiliate marketing is great but apparently you need to learn a fair amount about putting together a website. I have heard about XSitePro and AffGenie web design software that is supposed to help make it easier to do this. Are either of these good software to use? Any advice would greatly appreciated. Just from reading Chris Rempel's e-book, I know that affiliate marketing requiring consistent work and learning, but I am looking forward to progressively improving.


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    Originally Posted by SteveB311 View Post

    Chris Rempel's Confessions of a "Lazy"? Affiliate Marketer
    you can't get lazy.. at least not at the beginning.. most successful affiliates work their behinds off for a couple of years to create a system that works, that makes them millions.
    then they can relax and be lazy and still make millions a year doing nothing.
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    • True, a system does help, however, a simple, working system is easily found. The amount of money that you make with that system, really all is determined by you, your own twists, and the way that you implement.
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        Originally Posted by greyhat-greenstacks View Post

        The amount of money that you make with that system, really all is determined by you, your own twists, and the way that you implement.
        very true. I must say the WAYS you implement the links to products are TOP Priority from making $10 a day to $1000 a day. YES.. IT DOES MATTER THAT MUCH!
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      I was just giving the name of his e-book. By no means do I think that becoming a success affiliate marketer will be a cake walk. I know anything worthwhile requires hard work and persistence. No disrespect intended to anyone.
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        What's the sayin g, Oh Yea, if it was easy any one
        could do it.

        Well lets count the ways it is not easy,

        1 Building a list that knows, likes and trust you.
        Everyone says build a list. Build a list easy, one that
        listens to you, not easy.

        You will live or die with your list. Take your time.

        They will not know you for months, years. Yes you
        can fool some of them into buying.

        Let me give you an example, you can build your
        list by offering your friends product. In my in
        box, all day I get emails like....

        Thanks, for signing up. I didn't i am not going to
        buy from you. This is a paid product, you get
        it free.

        Guess what, I'm not going to buy from you.

        You and I don't know, like and trust each other.

        No Sales. I know I said I was going to talk about
        a few things, but this is the most important lesson
        you can learn.
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    Hi Steve,

    Yes, there is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing and you will hear many different angles of it from different people. Eventualy, everyone picks his/her own angle of doing it.

    To answer your specific questions about site building.
    There are different types of sites you are going to need. Some will be simple and piccking up an html template and modifying it using Kompozer could be enough. Some would be more complicated so you could use Wordpress. I personally use the Butterfly Marketing scrip for some of my sites (this one will send you climbing walls ).

    I also came upon a nice web-based website builder that let's you design and build a website without messing around with html. If you are interested I'll send you the link.

    Most importantly - have fun!
    "One can not learn when one thinks he already knows" [Epictetus]

    I'm also active on - Twitter - Facebook
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    Hi Steve,

    I've not used the software that you mention, but how about just using WordPress? It's free, extremely flexible and there are thousands of great themes available, both free and premium.

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    I started out with a free Blogger.com blog. Took me five minutes to have my blog running. Another five minutes and you will have AdSense ads on your blog.

    There is no need to strive for perfection in the beginning. Stop reading and take action.
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    Is any other "newbie" out there as confused as I am? I'm trying to learn from all of you but most of the time I don't understand everything in the posts. Is there a place to do for totally uneducated "newbies"
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    Hey Steve & PK,

    I have been looking at the posts you guys have left and it's true to say that the WF is not always the best place to start with IM or affiliate marketing, this is really set up for folks who have a handle on the basics. Though I'm sure there are some great threads that get you up and running.

    I have been at this game for almost a couple of years and because it's always banging your head against the wall at the start I set up the Affiliate Training Tool Box

    I'm no guru just a guy who get the frustrations of starting affiliate marketing, hence I spend a lot of time trying to get the guys with a fresh eye on affiliate marketing ( I hate saying newbie) a head start. I know that your probably fed up with info that takes a degree to understand so jump in to my blog and see if there is any value there for you. You ain't gotta buy anything. Just there to get you going.

    To your success
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    I've used xSitePro, DreamWeaver, NVU and a few other HTML editors and in my opinion, WordPress is by far the easiest to get started with. You could easily learn enough to get a blog or website up in one day with the right training.

    A website or a blog will be the core of your affiliate marketing business. Even if you want to outsource it later it's good to have an understanding of the site building process.

    Once you know how to build sites it's a matter of getting traffic and testing offers.

    John P
    Want to Create a Profitable Online Course?


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      Thanks to everyone for the advice on web design software and for sharing some of your knowledge about IM. I noticed some of you got a little frustrated with my question, and I can understand this because you probably field a question like this several times a month, but I think everyone here was in about the same situation as me at one time. I will putting together a website and continue to learn more as I go.

      Thanks again,

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