Turn $30 into $55 of hot yahoo ppc traffic - reckon you could profit? A challenge...

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Want a challenge? Right now, if you go and open a Yahoo PPC account, they will put $25 into your account. The catch is that you need to pay those pesky yahoo guys a minimum of $30 to activate your account.

Anyway, you can effectively turn $30 into $55. Here's the link if you're interested:

Advertising Your Business with Yahoo! Search Marketing

So, with your whopping $55...how much cash do you fancy you could turn that into through affiliate marketing / whatever?

Yes, this is very much an open question. Yes, there are way too many variables to consider. But I thought it might be fun, and heck maybe educational, just to see what some of you warriors might have to say about it.

Perhaps even some of you might try it yourself and report back on how you got on? That would be pretty cool to see.

See...I've read a few adwords guides and I know that they pretty much tell you to expect to lose many dollars before you find a working campaign (profit). For example, my friend was telling me that in commission blueprint, they pretty much advise you to stick $500 into each campaign JUST TO SEE IF IT WORKS.


I wondered if that really was truly necessary. I mean, if you HAD to turn a profit from those measly $55, could you do it? Is it a reasonable challenge?

Have any tips to help others dramatically CUT DOWN on losing dollars through PPC advertising?

I am fantasizing a sniper approach here over the usual "throw money at it till something sticks" approach often seen.

By the way, I am short of a few dollars myself (crazy and true) BUT once I got some spare, I will be challenging myself to do this. Hopefully that'll be real soon. And I will definitely post the results here so you can see how I got on.
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    There was a thread with links to $100 bonuses on DP.
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    Here's the cold, hard reality about PPC:

    If you are in a competitive niche and you want first page SERPs placement for a competitive keyword phrase, you're going to spend thousands of dollars.

    For instance, a keyword phrase like "christmas gift baskets" will cost you almost $3 per click to get a top 3 ad placement on page one of Google's search results. That's where 75% of the traffic is. So for a thousand visitors to your site, with the reasonable assumption that 1% will take action there, you're going to spend nearly $3,000 for 10 customers.

    For most people in this forum, that's not a profitable idea.

    I'm all for paid advertising. Free traffic isn't really all that free when you consider the time investment. But PPC on Google, Yahoo or MSN (who represent about 85% of search volume altogether) is not for those with a faint heart or a flat wallet.

    Among other things, consider going after paid traffic from the 15% of searches that don't happen on Google, Yahoo or MSN. There are thousands of other search engines out there, many of them networked with each other (I work for one of them) and you can get top three placement on first page for the most competitive keyword in your niche for pennies on the dollar what it would cost for the same results on the big three. For "christmas gift basket" you might pay as little as $.05 per visitor.

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." -Plato

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