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Ok guys,

Here's my plan.

Research niches using amazon.com and dummies.com
The reason why I love dummies.com is because I like to leverage the work of others when it comes to finding lucrative markets. They wouldn't make a dummies book if no one wanted to read it.

So anyways, research dummies.com and amazon.com for niches, compare on clickbank and see if anything is on clickbank selling in that same niche. if not, great, if so, thats great too because that shows there is money to be made.

second step, head over to the philippines craigslist.com site to hire researchers/writers (I've posted some ads and have gotten tons of replies from GOOD writers who are willing to research a subject for $50, and write an ebook based off the research for $100-$250). also it would be a good idea to get some ecourses written to build your list.

once the e-book is written, get a sales letter together ($150-$300 and most likely from this forum, or here Minisite Graphics - Cover Design - Mini Site Design, search google and find any mini site design company and get a good mini site design done for $100-$200.

after you have your content, website and sales letter, get all your hosting, domain, clickbank fee and set up sorted out.

Put your site in the clickbank marketplace.

Now my personal plan as far as promotion is to do SEO on my own website, and send the customers to an affiliate link of my own product (which will be a 2nd clickbank account which I own) so I can boost my gravity.

Any suggestions? tips? done this before?
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      Sounds like you have a good plan. You might want to take another look at some of the rates that you are offering, and you'll save some money by doing anything that you can yourself.

      Good luck!
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    throw something together meaning ? Maybe a Wordpress blog and rank it for one of my keywords? Also, have partners to push it? You make it sound like I absolutely cannot get any affiliates without partners to push it which I think is false. I think I will naturally attract affiliates. I have several writers from the Philippines who are willing to do the writing and research for about $100-$150 so that shouldn't be a problem
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    oh ok so the gravity wouldn't change if i made a bunch of sales through my own affiliate link? that makes sense. Well i think the best way would be to test it out and figure out what the conversion rate is, then I can recruit affiliates easier if they know what the conversion rate is and how well the product sells..
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    Show Me The Money!!


    Have a Great Day!
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      Originally Posted by Michael Mayo View Post

      Show Me The Money!!


      Have a Great Day!
      Ok, if you have no writing skills. Even if you do have writing skills, you'll need targeted traffic. I trust you know merely listing with clickbank aint good enough. Targeted traffic will show you the money. That's a whole other subject.
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        yes doing my own SEO on my site would bring targeted traffic
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          Originally Posted by landonwiggs View Post

          yes doing my own SEO on my site would bring targeted traffic
          You may be on the right track here. I agree with the other post too that suggested seeing what kind of traffic you could generate first. Perhaps build something small on your own and work on generating traffic/SEO. When you get the foundation down for that and see some traffic coming in, then you might want to consider making cash outlays for the projects you have in mind.

          Just my thoughts anyways.
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    You have an interesting plan here. However, if you are just starting your internet marketing ventures I don't recommend you to spend $500+ creating your own products. Clickbank has thousands of products, and it's not easy to get a good number of affiliates (good affiliates that actually make sales).

    So I suggest you to invest your money on PPC or SEO campaigns. Make some money as an affiliate and learn how this game works. Then you can move on the next stage, which is creating your own products and recruiting affiliates.

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    You've definitely got a great plan there! I'd integrate social media as well in your promotional methods. All the best for your product !
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    Another thing is don't forget to build a list while you are selling your product, you can market to your list for even more profits!
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