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Hi Warriors,

I have a question with regards to linking your clickbank offers in eZine Articles from the resource box text. Which one of the options do you prefer personally and which is the one you think is the best and works well:

1. Direct Linking to your domain - which redirects to your CB AF link
2. Linking to your Pre-Sell page
3. Linking to your Squeeze page
4. Linking to a multi-product review page
5. Linking to a Single product review page

Please let me know which one of the above options is the best?
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    Hey! Have you read Ezine's Terms of Service?
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      Originally Posted by Rus Sells View Post

      Hey! Have you read Ezine's Terms of Service?
      Yes, I have.

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    The honest truth is that they all can work but they all have their limitations as well.

    1. Direct Linking to your domain - which redirects to your CB AF link

    If this method is to work well, the product has to convert like crazy. Now most people will say sending visitors to a pre-sell page will convert better but that isn't entirely true in my opinion.

    Yes you may see good conversions in your clickbank account but overall it may work out to be the same.

    Let's say 200 persons click on your link in your resource box:

    a) you direct link - 200 persons went to the offer and let's say 3 buys = 1.5% conversion.

    b) You send your visitors to a pre-sell page which converts at about 40% - so now you have 80 persons going to the merchants page. However, because they are pre-sold you got the same 3 sales from 80 hops = 3.75%

    See if you look at the numbers, you are still getting the same end result!


    If you have a pre-sell page/website, you have added benefits. Instead of solely depending on articles for traffic, you can get traffic directly from the search engines via organic rankings. You never know when something can go wrong with this you have no control over. Ofcourse eza can be down etc where would your traffic come from?

    The same would apply for either the single or multiple product review page - on that note, you would have to test which works best for you because it may be different for everyone. Single could work better for me while multiple for you - get the idea?

    Now the other point is about squeeze page:

    A lot of marketers will tell you to build a list and that is very important.
    However, you must realize that you will be dealing with real people and if you don't know how to build relationships and market you will still have low conversion rates. SO again it comes down to testing!!!!!!!!!!

    Just remember though that once you build a list and treat them right, you will have the traffic at your fingertips as opposed to the other methods where you depend on other parties for traffic every time...

    Hope that info help!

    Casey (yesacpow)
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    Thanks for the inputs Case, that explains and clarifies a lot for me.

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    Thank you all for your views on this.

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