[CLOSED]hard drive recovery affiliate programs?

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Does anyone know any good hard drive recovery affiliate programs, preferably ones with high affiliate commissions?
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    There are only a handful of companies actually qualified to do this.

    I used to do HDD recovery and still do for level 0-2 cases (have a drive in my imager right now), but it simply got too difficult recently to recover level 3-4 cases (electronics repair, physical repair) with drive manufacturers introducing all kinds of obstacles for us. Most pay a 10% commission and give the user a 10% discount. In the US, I would recommend DriveSavers, i365, and that's pretty much it. In the UK, I specifically recommend pcimage.co.uk as the guy there really knows his stuff and his pricing is below market level. In Greece... In Mexico... Starting to see the pattern? There is a reason why I didn't mention OnTrack (remember, I am in this industry...).

    The PPC for RAID recovery is in the $20+ per click range when I last checked and everyone shops multiple data recovery companies.

    Frankly, I don't believe it's a very good niche to target for affiliate marketing. Consumers can't afford us, and major data recovery companies have very high marketing budgets and substantial marketing savvy. Those who do OK as far as getting commissions from these companies tend to be trusted IT consultants who tell the client "Sorry, there is nothing I can do, but I can save you 10% on the quote by these guys whom I trust to recover this data for you." You are welcome to prove me wrong.

    If you have a good confirmed opt-in list of business owners, you may want to talk to me about my product that's launching soon. I'll have a lucrative CPA offer for my affiliates that is applicable to the subscriber's need at any time rather than just once in their lifetime.

    I run a few startups that address critical business problems. PM or Skype me about joining my direct affiliate programs. My products are business continuity and customer testimonials. Both are unique.

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        Originally Posted by Erikkl View Post

        You can also have a loot at Android Data Recovery.
        thanks, I've tried to Mobiledic to scan my Android phone, it works fine, and I've recovered my deleted photos from my Android phone.
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    If you search on the Affiliate site, it would better for you. In the affiliate site, you may get many Affiliate as you want. Nowadays there are many Affiliate sites, you can use anyone of them which you think more convenient for you. Thanks for your advance.
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    Recovery software could help you in getting your data back , there are a number of them available which can do this for you but you have be real quick with the recovering process.
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    This issue has been resolved.

    Thread Closed.

    Thank you!
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