Viral marketing where to start?

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Hello ,
Does any one has experience in Viral marketing, if so please let me know if this really helps in seo. Also how and where to start it.

Thanks very much.
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    Yeah, this really helps bringing traffic to your website.

    Build a website and install a viral script. So create a free report about the niche your website is in and people must like your website or tweet something to access your free report.

    This is a great way of getting viral.
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    I am recomend facebook too, you can create fanpage for this purpose, create more than 5, and make it viral manually for first time, and it will automatically become viral and send traffic to your site
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    good pictures help!
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    YouTube can help things go viral too, besides social media websites.

    Apparently if you get a certain number of views in the first 24hours of being uploaded, you can get featured on the front page. I'm not sure how true this is.

    Besides that, It's really difficult to make things go viral since it is often out of your control. Only good content can help you if you want to go viral.

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    You can start viral marketing on many social network. Example: Pinterest, youtube, facebook, twitter etc.

    For pinterest, you can create an interesting pin and than go to fiverr and buy thousands of repin for $5. To give your pin a good start. If your pin is good, it may get viral soon. If not, just try again with different approach.
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    i know viral marketing help in promote your website but how it help in SEO?
    Once talk about viral , everyone get into social media and youtube because it bring better integration and easy to go viral .
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    My Viral Marketing Braindump...
    - Make something worth spreading
    - Make it easy for people to spread it (buttons etc.)
    - Reward people for spreading it

    Read Seth Godin's The Idea Virus and TAKE ACTION.
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    You can search for social sharing plugins, That will help your content to get viral.
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    Originally Posted by Chicagolimo View Post

    Hello ,
    Does any one has experience in Viral marketing, if so please let me know if this really helps in seo. Also how and where to start it.

    Thanks very much.
    First off, things don't just go viral. You need to understand this very quickly. You can't really force it either. You can help something go viral, but at the end of the day if the audience doesn't pick it up and run with it, you're dead in the water.

    Think of going viral as an avalanche created by thousands and quickly millions of people. Without them you don't have anything. Without them, you don't reach that legendary status.

    In terms of planning, you spend most of your time pushing the snowball up the hill--hoping that your fans, audience, or general web crowd help you crest the peak and send you flying down the slope.

    As for SEO? I wouldn't say that it helps a whole lot in the long-term. However, if you can get something to go viral than you created awareness for your website in a generally lucrative space--which is a more valuable traffic generation method in 2012 (in my opinion).
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    First and most important step for Viral Marketing is identifying your target market and make a plan so that your target market like that and eventually help you in Viral Marketing
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