Cutting Down On Distractions?

by pyles
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What are some distractions everyone faces with their business?

One of mine is my dog, I am with her all day long and she gets antsy sometimes and potty breaks in the middle of writing can be pretty distracting.

What are some of your worse distractions, such as family, real work, neighbors, animals, short attention span, etc?

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!
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    I have a nice home office, after I have my lunch the couch calls me to take a nap on it.
    It is very persuasive.

    Something new soon.

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    7 month old baby and 1 year old dog :-)
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      My main distration was switching between tabs to create blog posts. That little distraction has escalated a job of a few minutes into way more than that - hundreds of times.

      I solved this issue today with a number of different Firefox addons. Now I can blog without ever leaving one tab. So that's cut away.

      Though I have other distractions.

      • Making cups of tea
      • Food
      • Phone
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Email
      • Forums
      • Smoking
      • General Web Browsing
      • Mum
      • Dog
      • Toilet
      • Skype
      • Add more here..
      Too many there are but never so glad to have eliminated the first I mentioned.
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