Ezinearticles deleted my account for using a nick name but my real name was in use

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When I signed up the system said that my real name was already in use so I used my warrior nick name instead and they suspended my account. Has this ever happened to anyone else, and how did you solve the issue.

What do they want you to do when your real name is in use by someone else?

Update: I found the answer, I must find a combo of my real name that is not in use
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    From what I know about Ezine, worst things have
    happened to other people, but what's consoling is
    that they can always almost be sorted if you
    get into correspondence with them. Heck, if you
    can't get the support team to work with you on
    resolving issues you can talk to Chris Knight
    himself (the owner of EzineArticles). Yes, he does
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    Just go ahead and contact support and let them know about the misunderstanding, they'll take care of it.
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