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Hey guys, I wasn't sure where else to put this so I figured I would put it in here. I also want to thank everyone for all the support and knowledge they have shared in these forums.

Now to business, I have a ticket to the Coming Home 3 Seminar hosted by Ed Dale, but do to some financial setbacks I find myself without the ability to get a plane ticket or hotel room. I hate to see the ticket go to waste given the number of amazing people that will be teaching there.

I also want to give back to anyone that helps me out, so what I want to do is set up a private site that will have all my notes, audio and mindmaps I create during the conference. Anyone who donates will get access to it, to learn a little more about me and what the seminar is about, just go to Sponsor ? The Successful Geek

I really appreciate any help you can give. There is also a contact form where you can enter any questions you want answered or things you want me to find out about during the seminar and I will make sure that is answered on the sponsor site as well.
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