Whats the most you have ever paid for an article and why

by Dave d
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Hey guys recently I just dropped $30 on article. I was reading a thread the other day where there was a few mentions of folk paying $50 an article . So Im thinking whats the most you ever paid for an article and what did you use it for and most importantly was it worth it. I used mine as a guest article on high traffic niche related site. Its kind of an experiment to see if this will perform better than traditional article marketing.
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    Hey Dave!

    The most I paid was $6 for an SEO optimized Article.
    $30 is quite the price, but considering that it was a guest article that may justify the price.

    How did that work out for you?
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    I don't buy articles, since I write them all myself. :p But not counting longer articles (1,000 words or more), the most I've sold a "regular" article (715 words) for was $60.
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    I've paid $300 for an article because it was part of a product I was creating and wanted the person's personal insights.

    On the other hand - I've been paid $3k for one article in the past because a company wanted a well researched technical article they could publish in a trade magazine and I was at the top of that industry at the time.

    Many people in IM are struggling to make money and so don't see much value in things they pay for. Afterall, if you can only make $20 with an article - why would you pay $100 for it?

    If you knew an article could get you one customer of your $50k product/service - maybe you'd see a few hundred dollars as massive value.


    nothing to see here.

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    I have paid $100 for Articles and Press Releases before. Quality over quantity.....

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      Originally Posted by sdentrepreneur View Post

      I have paid $100 for Articles and Press Releases before. Quality over quantity.....
      I haven never paid more than $6 for an article. If i want ultra high quality i usually write myself And to be honest i feel sorry for people who pay PREMIUM for a press release. This is the biggest rip-off of all.

      There are free press release sites (bignews.biz, prlog.org) where i already submitted and got #1 ranking in Google News within hours. How some press release sites legitimate their crazy prices is beyond me.
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        I have articles I had written for me 5-7 years ago. I had a specific idea in mind and I sought out the best writers I could find and afford to do those articles. I paid anywhere from $30-$200 each for them. (Most were in the $30-$75 range.)

        I didn't build backlinks to them. I didn't have social networking sites to promote them on. I didn't leave links in forum comments to them. I didn't optimize them for the search engines. I didn't submit them every where I could think of. I didn't really do anything much outside of putting them up on my website.

        I didn't have them written with SEO as a focus and I only asked the writers to use any keywords--if I even had any for a selected article which often I did not--as appropriate. My main goal was having an article written that would be interesting and informative for readers.

        Here it is 5 to 7 years later and a good number of those articles continue to bring me traffic each and every month.

        Granted, I've also paid as low as $6 each for SEO'd articles and those too continue to bring me traffic each and every month. However, the more expensive articles bring me better results than the $6 ones.

        Much better.

        Your mileage, of course, will vary. It's important to look at the ROI rather than set arbitrary price limits on what you're willing to spend on an article.

        One thing to consider is that SEO techniques change over time as the search engines refine their algorithms, but a quality informative article (unless it's a time-sensitive topic) will remain a quality informative article as the years go by.

        As a result, I believe, over time, quality will trump SEO.

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    Personally the most I paid is $20.00 per article. It was specialised content and I needed someone intimately familiar with the subject. Otherwise it's anything from a few dollars to $15.00

    Most times I will write it myself. No point in wasting money when the creative talent is within me and I know exactly what I like.
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    You can buy an article for as little as $5 each. But these are mainly for SEO purposes. If you're looking for high quality, well researched, and well written articles that real people will find value, then it's justifiable to pay $30 or more for one.
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  • Okay, I don't pay for articles (since that is part of my job description!) but I hope I can provide some insight here...

    For junk SEO articles, stuff to submit to EZA and other content farms - the type of article you'll need a few hundred of, just to make a difference to your business - I wouldn't pay more than $5-$10 each for those, at the high end. Why? Because the people that write them don't need to be writers. They just need to know how to string a couple of half-arsed sentences together with keywords, and meet your word count requirements, while getting it approved by the content farms. That's it.

    Now blog posts, for your own blog, I wouldn't hire someone to write "a" blog post. I'd hire someone to write at least one post/week, for at least 3 months. Things change, you can't order content up front that will still be guaranteed to be relevant 3 months from now. And I'd pay at least $20-30 for most blog posts, although most of the good blog ghostwriters I know charge at least $50/post - and they're more than worth it, because their blog posts are well researched, get you backlinks (using trackbacks to do-follow blogs that contain information relevant to your readers), include images for extra SEO juice, engage readers in a conversation, and just get you good traffic and a loyal following.

    Content to be published on your own website as a resource for customers, or distributed to other authority sites in your niche with a byline - I'd never pay less than $0.10/word. And that isn't based on my own rates (I know someone will probably say this post is self-promotion, etc. but it isn't) - I'm basing this off of other professional freelancers I know, the quality of their work, and what THEY charge.

    Feature level content - front page type articles for big, high PR websites that will get you MEDIA attention and put your link in front of 10,000+ readers - those are worth a minimum of $0.25/word, if you want to actually see success when you submit them to those authority sites. Otherwise you're just spinning your wheels and annoying editors with junk content that they would NEVER publish on their site.

    Now, granted, you can sometimes find gems for less than that - but they are the exception, not the rule. From what I've seen of other professional freelance writers, those are the bare minimum rates you should look at if you're going for quality.

    The unfortunate part is that you're automatically eliminating most IMers with prices like that, because many people just getting started can't afford to spend $199/month on a 3 month blog package (which is still the bottom of the barrel, many charge upwards of $1000 for every 3 months.)

    But my advice, having seen the results from content farm article marketing and from proper, authority site marketing - you're better off spending $50 and getting one high quality article to distribute on high-traffic sites in your niche, than spending that same $50 and getting 50 junk articles, written in broken English, that *might* get you a do-follow backlink or two, and three or four visitors.

    - Cherilyn
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